Friday, October 08, 2004

Very sleepy--murderous thoughts about last night's shoes....will continue in a more coherent manner tomorrow

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Am off to a thing tonight, and as usual dragging poor Ivan with me. It's a show at Rothko--we'll be checking out a few bands and the open bar. It's very important in my line of work to know about up and coming bands the buzz, etc., Free drinks don't hurt either.

Met Andrew Cuomo yesterday. Very tall, good handshake, direct eye-contact. Seems like a nice man.

Am almost done reading "Fast Food Nation," and "Sarah Churchill Duchess of Marlborough," but still have to get through John Locke's book. It's on my bedside table, I've been switching between that and "Fast Food." I started reading "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding," while reading the bio about the Duchess because she was a fan of his, and I wanted to more fully understand her mindset. I am such a geek.

Still trying to figure out the correlations between that and my current audio obsession, Gabriel and Dresden's "Bloom" CD. It's their debut CD and indiscribably delicious. The type of aural soundscape that you must dive into and are reluctant to leave. Dance music that isn't dance, trance that rocks and beats that sing through your bones.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I opened up my email this morning and found a note from the same reader who dropped the other note;


I read you blog entry today with much interest. Today I found you more interesting. No gloomy dead cat commentary. No Queer Eye for the Straight Guy sightings. Apparently you were energized by my e-mail. If so, that’s great.

I feel like a muse. PJ, are there male muses? Or – pun intended – can one be an e-male muses? I like puns. Many people don’t. I heard a fine author on c-span a few weeks ago say that he dislikes puns. Puns, like Jacob Cohen from Babylon, NY, a.k.a. Rodney Dangerfield, get no respect. Good old Jacob died on Tuesday.

So your distorted word was “whee.” And you say a discreet whee.

You write, anyone who knows you knows that there are guys attracted to a petite redhead who has problems with spatial dynamics. Tell me about you and spatial dynamics. I’d like to know more. Next blog? An e-mail?

Do know about spatial dynamically challenged woman, but I too like petite. This brings me back to puns – specifically homonyms. While there is no we, I know you are petite, that is you are wee and you recently experienced a discreet whee. Oui?


It's nice to greet the morning with a laugh. It's sad about Rodney Dangerfield, he was a very funny, clever man. My mom told me once, that somehow through the New York single scene, a friend of a friend once tried to fix Mom and Rodney up. I asked what happened, she said that they talked on the phone, but she wasn't that impressed with him.

Looking back, I realize that this was right before she had gotten sick and when I thought I had all the time in the world to ask her about her life.

On a lighter note, I attempted to watch the debate last night. Three seconds into it, I started screaming at Cheney and had to leave before I started throwing things at the set.

A Vice President (I forget who, how appropo) was once quoted as saying that "The Vice Presidency isn't worth a spittoon full of warm spit." So, on that note, I did think it was funny that the VP's and VP's to be were arguing on TV. Traditionally, the VP goes to functions that the President can't make, patiently waits to step in if the President is incapacitated, and not much else. Except Cheney. Bush 2.0 is the only president who doubles as a ventriloquist's dummy, and yeah, we know who's putting words in his mouth, and pulling the strings - Cheney.

I love how Cheney discreetly mentions he's for gay rights this election. Lest we all forget, one of his daughters is gay and was the head of a gay PAC. When Cheney was elected, she was oh so discreetly paid off and flew into the woodwork. Now, when it's politically expedient, he remembers her.

Rather than go on and on about the present administration, I'm going to stop as I'm in a good mood right now and don't want to lose it. I've got an entire day to get through and want to greet it smiling.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Oh boy!

I got an email from a reader of this blog that I felt like sharing with you.

"'What in the world is one to make of today's entry? I, like you, am a New Yorker. But your so-called weekend in one word which is not a word but rather is nonsense. And if anything PJ it is two words. And more importantly, it says nothing to me about our town - New York.

PJ, please explain. Either explain to me by return e-mail or in you blog. I will be reading.


First of all, I'm delighted to get mail, so if you've been thinking about dropping me a line, go ahead. Half the time, I'm playing around here when I should be doing work, but aren't most writers great procrastinators? When I'm writing, the only time I've ever gotten mail was from my Op Eds for the New York Post. I have to say that the hate mail was fun to read. Not that I like being castigated, but the atrocious grammar and wacky assumptions were hilarious. That really was the only time I've ever gotten reader feedback from my work.

About the word I used to describe the weekend, it was the extremely elongated version of the word, "whee." That word is usually used to describe good things or something fun. I was trying to be discreet.

When I started this blog, I made a promise to myself and in print as well, that there were just certain things I would not or could not write about. I do want to live and while I can hint about certain frustrations in being a freelance writer, there's no way in hell that I'm going to name names. Same goes for my private life. Oh yeah, I can be a dating fool. Anyone who knows me, or has read this blog knows that there are guys out there who are attracted to a petite redhead who has problems with spatial dynamics. So I will write about some of my adventures. The things that my friend Ivan and I get up to sometimes can be downright silly. We become two 17 year old boys, bitching about guitars, me seriously mooning over basses, and have been known to run around Tower Records and push all the heavy metal CDs into prominence.

Back to Saturday night--I'll give the very bare bones--the very bare bones

Went to CBGB's to check out The Exit and a few other bands that were playing that night. The Exit were performing to promote the release of their New CD, "Home For An Island." I did catch part of Asobi Seksu's set and liked them. Female lead singer, plays keyboards--Raveonettes meets Blondie with nice guitar work. Exit reminds me of early U2. I'm talking from the "Boy," "October," and "War" era, before they got schmaltzy--and just to shake things up a bit, they've got some chord changes that you swore were early Police. Yeah, yeah, I know there are only so many chords to go around, but I would watch the grouping.

If you were there and saw a small woman all in black wearing silver and white boots - that was me. Anyway....something unexpected and nice happened. That's all you're going to get out from me.

Wanna do me a favor...check out my interview with Sonic Youth at You'll be able to watch and read it. In a few days, you should be able to watch my interview with Two Gallants and read my inerterview with the extremely swoony Gabriel and Dresden there as well.

Okay...go! Go there now!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend in one word


Friday, October 01, 2004

Walking down 42nd Street today, right by Grand Central Station, guess who's passing me by chatting on his cellphone? Carson Kressley that's who. Yup, a member of the Fab Five. And we've wearing the same sunglasses. I knew I had a famous twin

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Not much going on right now, but I thought I had better write something before anyone thought I was kidnapped by aliens.

Have re-sent out query for book, and am getting amazing responses this time around. Same query as last time--better class of agents :)

It's beginning to get colder, and not thrilled about that.

Worried about finances--who isn't? Checks are late and of course had an...hmmm...can't really say, can I? Well, I will say had a bait and switch recently...completed a piece and found out (natch!) after it was sent in, that they're going to pay me less than they said they would. Oh yeah, they want me to write more for them.....can you guess my answer?

There are days when I wish I had a majic lamp or parents that I could go to if I needed them. Oh well, what can you do?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The weekend, like every weekend was too short. Went out with Ivan and Janis Saturday night. Started at a dive bar in the financial district and ended up in the (where else) east village. I'm too tired for caps, okay. Sunday was spent doing an editorial test and not much else. I should be working now, but have had a bit of wine (pinot grigio) and am here wasting time. Oh well, time to walk the dog.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The weather was glorious today, breezy, not too hot and lots of lovely sun. Perfect for running around and doing errands. I was everywhere, Upper East Side, Midtown and then the Village. I felt like taking advantage of the weather and grabbing a bite to eat at a sidewalk cafe. Pretty soon it's just going to get too cold to sit and watch the sidewalk parade. Found a place on MacDougall, a restaurant that's been around forever, "The Olive Tree." Relaxed, ate my burger, read my biography of Sarah Churchill, eavesdropped on a couple sitting next to me; she-"you know there's a lot of things about you I don't like either." He-unintelligible and lots of nodding. She-"this is great hot borscht." He-nods more. She-"You know I don't think I'm cut out for relationships". Then they continue to eat.
Anyway, I'm finished ad look for the waiter, he finally shows up and I ask for the bill. Another year goes by and he returns with it, then rushes off. When he deigns to come outside again, I give him my credit card. An insane amount of time passes. I get the couple to watch my packages and go inside to find out what's taking so long. Guess what he's doing? Having lunch with friends.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I'm back, I think!

I'm back. It's not that I wanted to stop blogging or anything like that at all. It's just that I'd sit there, and start remembering that when I wrote half of those posts, Sinatra was alive. And it hurt. After he died, I dropped 15 pounds in a week. Since I am only five foot two and a half (yes the half inch counts) 15 pounds made me look like a refugee. Did I mention that I was also smoking my brains out???

Yeah, it took awhile for me to start feeling like me. But I'll never forget the night I had to leave him in ICU at the Emergency Hospital. I came home and standing in the kitchen, I heard him scream. It was the most wretched feeling on earth. I have to stop this train of thought, I'm crying and that's not good for the contacts.

Let's get onto something silly. Celebrity sightings---two weeks ago, I'm wandering around the West Village and who do I see on Christopher Street enjoying the street fair? Alan Cummings. Okay, I could have screamed. I looked at him, making very sure that he didn't notice me and them scampered away.

During the summer I watched Richard Dreyfus being filmed walking down West 4th Street and a few weeks ago, they filmed part of the TV show "Rescue Me" three blocks from my house.

Interviewed Sonic Youth, Two Gallants and Gabriel and Dresden. If you'd like to see the interviews (they were filmed) check out The SY and Two Gallants are VOD or video on demand interviews. You don't see me at all.

Saw Armin Van Buuren spinning--religious experience, okay.

Had very few dates. Yeah me, not really dating. Stop laughing.

These were my horrid dates:

1) Date number one got a phone call from his Mum and had to go home. I'm not kidding (said mum as he's a Brit).
2) Date number two tried to pick a bar fight in Pianos, kept egging on a drunk guy. Then date calls the police and pretends to be the victim
3) Date number three--well we actually had two good dates, he asked me out for a third and I actually said yes (shut up all ready) He blew me off. I deleted his number from my cellphone. A week later, he calls because he was fired and could I help him get another job.

So, I've been laying low. Under the radar. And at my height that's easy.

I also have (gasp) a dog. Me, with a dog. This is what happened. Almost a month after Sinatra died I was being pressured to get another kitty from friends. Personally I thought it was too soon. I mean if a relative dies, do you run to KMart and immediately buy another? I was surfing on the net and saw that a rescue league was looking for foster parents. I thought about all the wonderful people who helped me with Sinata, all of those compassionate souls and thought that I'd take care of an animal in honor of them and Sinatra. I called, went through a bunch of interviews, was deemed sane and was told that I was going to get a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Ocean. What I got was a Brittany Spaniel with an unclipped tail who has serious separation anxiety. I promptly renamed her Sophie. After bringing her to Union Square to show her off to respective parents and telling them that she was a special needs child. Did I mention she had very special needs? She's special dammmit. I adopted her.

The only thing I can say about Sophie is that if she had opposable thumbs, the world would be in serious danger.

Here are some of her escapades.

To get even with me for some imagined slight, she pooped on my Prada tee, Helen Wang Dress and ate my Christian Dior stilletoes. Mind you, she ignored all the inexpensive stuff and went right for the high ticket items.

I collect vintage hats. I had a lovely vintage cocktail hat from the 40's. It was made of red feathers. You wore it cocked over one eye. I had it hanging in the hallway of my apartment. Over five feet off the ground. I come home one day and there's feathers everywhere. Half of the couch is covered with feathers and there's feathers all over the floor. I stumble to the couch, screaming. "oh no! Oh no!" Look down and what do I see? Sophie had taken the dustpan out of the kitchen and put it (right side up) on top of what was left of the hat on the couch.

I run out to get mail and leave Sophie behind. I come back and Sophie is curled up on the couch watching TV. No, she didn't turn it on, I left it on for her. Next to her is a bag of pasta with a neat slit down the top, she's picking them out like popcorn. While I was gone, she opened one of the food cabinets, gently grabbed the bag, took it to the couch and you know the rest.

I come home one day and she's taken my makeup bag out of the bathroom and opened it up on the couch. Fanned out next to her are the contents. They weren't chewed or destroyed. I think if I had come home an hour later, she would have put some on. I grab the stuff and put it away. I have to go out again. I come back and she's done the same thing with my toolkit (I leave my tools--I think I have three-in a bag).

Scary, huh

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Sinatra right after he became ill with diabetes Posted by Hello

Monday, June 21, 2004

Why haven't I been blogging? I've been mourning. Grieving for a loved one who died.

On May 17th, between the hours of 7 and 8 PM, at the New York City ASPCA Hospital I had to authorize the euthanization (read kill) my cat Sinatra.

Even now as I write this, I am in pain and crying. I watched the Doctor adminster the dosage that would take him away from the pain, away from life and away from me. This was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

He was my best friend. For twelve years he shared my life; through all it's ups and downs. He lived with me when I was homeless, moved with me back to New York City. Made me laugh, kept my secrets, and showed me boundless love, he was my family.

The previous Saturday I brought him to the Vet--when you're cat is diabetic, you must have frequent visits. He had lost another pound and the Vet was concerned that he wasn't getting enough insulin. She wanted me to increase the dosage. I followed her directions and the next day, he became brittle I think is the only way to describe it. Lethargic, sad, quiet. I called emergency vets and followed their directions. Took him to one emergency vet where they told me he could be fixed up, only fork over $3000 immediately. When I explained that I didn't have that in my back pocket, the vet on call said I really should put him to sleep. I thought that Vets had compassion, that they went into medicine to save lives, no, they don't they're in it for a buck and it's the dollar bill not life they care about.

I won't go into the agont of writing about having to put him in ICU, not being able to see or comfort him, going home blinded by tears and hearing him meow at home, when he was in the Vets.

I am plagued by doubts of what I could have done or should have done. Am upset that I'm not filthy rich and could have saved him. I miss my sweet boy. I miss my Sinatra.

He was my world.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Meg and I were walking around complaining. She yelled out she was "munchy." I yelled back that I was "bloated." We looked at each other and I said,"You realize that we're the dwarves that Snow White never talked about."

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Run like the wind

Yesterday, I was plodding along writing and felt trapped in my room. I decided to break out and get something, anything from the kitchen. I step into the hallway and am confronted by a giant bug. It was as big as Mothra. So, I do what any self-respecting female does in that situation; I scream my bloody head off. So it charges me. I keep kicking it back and it's rearing up at me. Very bad horror movie. I screw up my courage and leap both feet on it, screaming, "die warpig die!" I hear a terribly squishy crunchy sound crackling under my feet.

I was afraid to move. I stood there thinking that the minute I lift my shoes off the behemoth, it'll go for my jugular. The cat stared at me, shook his head and stalked away.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Quick escape from transcribing....I'm hiding out here for a minute or two. Anyways, forgot to mention as I was stomping home this week from a club (one of the shows I attended in NYC) I passed a couple standing by railing of a subway entrance. I should say the girl was leaning against the railing and the guy was encircling (or trapping her). She kept moving her head to the side, trying to avoid his, and I hear him say, "Oh c'mon, I'm not the first guy you've kissed."

Idiot award to her for not kneeing him in the balls.

Idiot award to him for saying that phrase out loud.

Two desperate people on a weeknight.

Friday, April 30, 2004

It's Friday and I've got worked piled up, yet am having problems getting motivated. This probably explains why I'm here instead of transcribing interview tapes.

Checked out Bulldog the other night at Southpaw in Brooklyn. Got there fine, watched the show, the band has a blues rock flavor that called to mind an updated version of The Band, Buffalo Springfield with a lot of southern rock/blues thrown in. Not my particular cup of musical tea, but that genre is like a lot of the other 70's music that's coming back. There is a resurgence of 70's musical sensibilities right now. I guess we're done mining the late 80's early 90's for musical influences. Bulldog is a tight band, they've a strong stage presence and will probably do very well.

When I left the club, made one of my fabulous wrong turns and got amazingly lost. I'm the only person trotting about Brooklyn--streets were deserted--have a couple of beers, so I'm also loopy. This is not a winning combo when you want to go home and have no clue where you are. I knew I was somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere but that was about it. Finally found a subway. I wanted to jump for joy when I saw the giant blue "M," wrong subway and yup, took me two hours to get home. Did I mention that when I took the right subway to the club it only took me 45 minutes?

Next time I leave Manhattan, I'm leaving a string trail to backtrack my way home.

Nothing new on the boy front, except that when it comes to boys lately, I'm irritated with the gender in general. As much as I enjoy them, they befuddle me, annoy me and make me want to start wishing for a third sex to deal with instead of them.

It's not that I don't enjoy being single, I do enjoy it. I vaguely remember what it was like to be in a relationship and have to "check in" with someone before you did something on your own, with friends etc., and the feeling of being yoked into something always made me feel a tad antsy. Yeah, I know you have to compromise when you're involved with someone, but the idea of saying, "honey I'm going to do..." Made me feel that I was back in grade school and had to get permission to go to the loo. I like autonomy.

I'm not one of those girls who feel lost without a boyfriend. I do think I'd enjoy being involved with someone.

I'm just a bit cranky today and feel very curmudgeonly right now.

Possibly has to do with a boy who insisted I go to a show this week and then didn't bother to show up. Okay, I wouldn't do that to a friend, or an acquaintance or if you think about anybody. That's just too damn rude. Dumb me, thought we were friends too. Yeesh. And I know if I bump into said boy a week or two from now, boy will act as if nothing ever happened. Whereas, I'd have fantasies of smacking him over the head with something or dumping a drink on said boy's head.

If this was a girl type friend instead of a boy type friend, I think I'd do what I'm doing now--that's just writing them off my list of people I know.

Why is it that no matter how old you get, you still have that lingering feeling of high school?

Did get a postcard from Ivan and Roxanne from Dollywood! Yay!

Am off to a CD release party tonight with Katy. Should be fun.

The rest of the day and weekend is writing, writing, writing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It's not that many letters!

Have spent the day (so far) working on pitches etc., for work. Went over to the Chicago Tribune website and the article I was interviewed for is finally in print. My name is spelled wrong. But, this is a first! You see for the first time ever, they spelled my last name correctly. This time my first name was spelled wrong. In the piece I'm PG Gach. Usually they add a zillion letters to my last name, not screw up the first.

Oh well.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

It's Sunday, and I'm freezing. It's so damn cold. We will never have spring. We're in a nuclear winter and some one forgot to tell us.

Yeah, I know we've got electricity. I'm thinking, they figured out a way to shield all electronics from the aftermath of the IMP.

Am just cranky because there's no sun.


Saturday, April 24, 2004

The joys of insomnia

Ugh, ugh, ugh, that's all I can say. Made the mistake of napping this afternoon and now at the glorious hour of 2 am something I'm wide awake.

Let's see what's been going on...

Today, I filmed, yes I said that word filmed my interview with Sonic Youth. Well, I mean I personally didn't film it. I think to do that I would have had to clone myself etc., but...let's try this I interviewed Lee Renaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth in their studio on Murray Street. It was a filmed interview that will be aired by close to the release of the bands' newest release Sonic Nurse. Yeah, that does sound better, doesn't it.

See, insomnia screws up your linguistics and syntax. You won't see neither hide nor hair of me, you'll only hear my voice asking questions and the guys will be answering them.

I fell in love with their board. It's about the size of my bedroom and to paraphrase Thomas Dolby, "All those tubes and wires!" WOW.

Came home and the DSL was back up. Yes, I forgot to mention that my computer crashed yesterday! Yup. Got invaded by a nasty trojan (am thinking of a wee virus wearing either a helmet or a condom) screwed up my computer and then the DSL link went down. Of course it completely screwed up my work schedule for the day and I had some last minute questions I wanted to research and of course I couldn't. Got the stupid computer to work after much wrangling with it.

Screamed at the DSL people for awhile. Panicked for even longer, then suddenly remembered at nine at night that I could go online the old fashioned way via dial up.

It's so easy to get spoiled and forget the way you did things back in the stone age.

Will be interviewing an up and coming actor for a Cali based mag in early May. Issue will be out in August. His movie is coming out July 23rd. That's it for hints. Feel like being mysterioso.

The wondercat has become Kate Moss. That's what I keep telling him. I've been trying all sorts of diabetic cat food on him, he fell in love with a certain type, so I bought ten cans. May I add that ten cans of cat food is equivialent to a steak dinner for moi? Boy, does he eat well. I cough up this money and now he won't eat it.

So, I've taken to calling him Kate Moss. The vet's worried that he's going to become anorexic. Yes, cats can do that if they don't like the food. If he thinks that I'm going to buy him a boa, he's got another thing coming. After hearing him whine for hours, I broke down and gave him his old favorite and baked chicken, just to keep him quiet.

There's got to be trick somewhere out there that will make him like and eat the food that he's got to deal with, I just need to figure it out.

Ivan, Roxanne and Janis are off to Dollywood, TN and Texas. I've demanded that they send me Dollywood postcards. They're also going to check out Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. I hope they can check out Beale Street.

It times like these when I wish I still had my car. Would love to throw a suitcse in back and just roar off into the sunset for a weekend, with the car pointed in any old direction.

Bloomies is opening up in SOHO this Saturday. It's not going to be in a huge space, but Katie and I are going to check it out and see if they have any first day goodies. I keep repeating to myself, "I'm going to be good. I'm going to be good."

I have to be, I've got stuff that I haven't even worn, it's still in bags.

I should write a novel about shopaholics, no wait, it's been done.

No adventures planned for this weekend, just writing.

I will behave. I will behave. I will behave. I will behave. I will behave. I will behave. I will behave. Damn, I hope so!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My hair! My hair!

Am going to keep this short, in the middle of doing some research for an interview I'm doing Friday--will tell more later

Yesterday, I went with Ivan to keep him company while he got his hair cut. I'd promised him an ice cream cone AND a lollipop for afters. He's had long hair for a zillion years, and decided to cut it. But, and I repeat, but not too short.

We went to this place in SOHO, he'd heard some good things about it, sat down in the chair, talked to the stylist, showed the pic, the whole 9 yards. She said she got it--layers, kinda long, kinda short, but enough length so he could wear a pony tail if he wanted to. I sat there and watched. In the beginning all went well, She started making layers, locks of hair went flying about the place, it started to look like it was getting shaped, but long...and then, and then, and then, and then, and then---we think she went a bit nutty and PHOOM! It's short Okay, the back skims his shoulders, but the hair really isn't layered at all, and it's waaay shorter than he wanted.

I think she heard the word band, and gave him an alt.rock boy look regardless of what he said. Ivan wasn't happy.

You should have seen the two of us careening around SOHO afterwards. Every few seconds Ivan would stop ranting, raise his head to the sky and scream. Me, I'm running after him on my short legs, saying, "Dude...dude...dude...."

WHen he started in on how he wanted to punch out a wall until his hands bled, I put up my palms and said, "punch this, you're not gonna hurt yuor hands."

So, he starts laughing and I said, "Excuse me, I played ice hockey, I'm tough."

We walked/ran through SOHO back to the West Village. I promised him that there's stuff on the market that will make his hair look good. I reminded him that it will grow back, and then I bought him a beer. He does look good, but he's miserable without his locks. Roxanne, his girlfriend is also really upset.

Too bad you can't glue on the hair that falls on the floor.

Boy do I know how he feels. I've got long hair and getting your hair cut, even in NYC, is a crapshoot. I went to one place, I was supposed to get layers, I got a mullet. It was a couple of months wearing barrettes before I stopped looking like a reject from the 80's.

Why do stylists pretend they're listening to you? Why do they have their own agenda in mind and not their clients? We should get together and steal their scissors. Hide them where they can never find them.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Oh boy!

So many things, so little time. I don't even know where to start...Let's see a little after I wrote my last entry (the one about Bush) I ended up running to the Hamptons on assignment. Damn it was cold! Too cold to smoke a cigarette outside and at one point I was running on a beach. Slept in flannel pajamas (with sheep leaping about), my coat, socks, everything and was still cold. Wrote about where "young hollywood" frolics when they're out there during season.

Finished up another cosmetic review--became addicted to liquid eyeliner, lavender eyeshadow and lip gloss.

R. moved to Cali, off to write about stuff out there...

Saw Crystal Method at Webster Hall, finally! The last three times they were in NYC, I was guestlisted, but had snafus at the last moment. Great show, ended up munching on tomatoes back stage, hung out with Ivan and Roxanne at Beauty Bar, got silly and met a man who claimed he was with FUSE. This does get better, as we were chatting and I was being my "oh can you name this song/artist" snarky self, talked about auditioning for channel. Well, that could be neat, right? I mean, think of all the fun you could have catching the wave in music, doin interviews etc., and um, of course shoes...gee golly, wee and wow...never got the call. Your guess as to whether or not he was for real, am laughing as I wrote that last line.

Had a date-ate, drank champagne, laughed-done

Got called a silly name in a comment when I wrote about Bush. I love how conservatives like to use the word liberal as if it was a smear against your ancesters. To them, being liberal (which I think is open minded) is the worst possible crime against humanity. It's funny how they equate reporters/journalists/writers with being "leftish." Well, I'd rather be in full possesion of my facts than be an Ann Coulter, who makes things up and doesn't respond when questioned about it.

Watched a bit of the Bush press conference, but laughed so hard I had to turn the channel. As the magazine (Newsweek) said, this is another Viet Nam.

I'm not even going to get into political writing now, it's very late and if I start, I'll get so pissed off I'll be writing for hours and furious at the same time. Who knows how many typos I'll inflict on the planet, let alone what nightmares I may bring onto myself.

My cat Sinatra has been diagnosed with diabetes. That whole deal is frightening. I've had him since he was just six weeks old. He's lost weight and the Vet and I are trying to get him to eat. After the first time I took him to the Vet (an emergency visit) I came home and couldn't stop crying. He was a trooper throughout the entire mess. I'm now injecting him once a day with three units of insulin, but we have no idea if that's going to work, or if the doses will have to be upped or what. He's a picky eater and hated what he had to eat. The vet did say that he could have hummus twice a week and unspicy chicken--yes I have a cat who also likes tomatoes, pepperoni and anything Italian, but he's got to stick to his diet, which is food for diabetic cats (looks like bad pate) and baby food. He hates it. I'll mix in a bit of regular cat food in the mess and he picks out the reg cat food. He's worse than an anorexic model.

Have somehow become the photographer of Ivan's band The Loosies. I must bug him for the URL of the site and link it here. You know how it is when you go to see a friend's band, you're more nervous about what you'll say to him afterwards than what you're going to see. Okay, I was blown away by them and I'm a pretty jaded individual. They're a curiousm,delicious and fun mixture of power pop and punk. The lyrics seep into your brain, and you find yourself humming the song a few hours later.

Oh yeah, and I FINISHED and I do mean finished the book. All 40,000 words of it. DAMN. It's sitting on the dining room table waiting to be mailed. I'm scared to let it leave the house. What if it doesn't look both ways before it crosses the street? What if it steals other manuscripts milk money?

Since I've all ready sent an email that it's on its way, I think this means that I have no choice but to let it go off into the world by itself.

Got into an argument with someone over my height. I know I'm 5 2 1/2 and they kept inisisting that I was taller. It's just that I have a big mouth, the volume makes me seem bigger.

Keep one eye open for Wednesday's Chicago Tribune. I'm in it. Oh it was so weird being an interviewee instead of an interviewer. Not to mention a photo shoot! They shot me shopping at the MAC store in SOHO and getting a makeover. God knows what photos they're going to use. I just hope I look human.

Better go and get some rest. Errand day, I have to go to the Post Office and mail off the (gulp) book and write pitches etc.,

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I really am alive! It's been crazy and I will post soon.
I promise!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I'm just lovin' how this election year is starting.

It's nice to see how compassionate Bush is towards his constituents. I mean he's airing an ad where he's capitalizing on the 9/11 tragedy. Relatives and survivors alike emphatically tell him that the ad is in extremely bad taste and they're horrified by it. What does the president who looks exactly like Curious George do? Tells them tough nuggies and continues to run it.

States are rebelling the Patriot Act. It's been proclaimed as anti-constitutional etc., and some states like Oregon are ignoring it. It's up for renewal.

Gay Marriage? Bush wants to add an amendment against it. He can't even control his daughters and he's going to tell the rest of the country how to live.

let us not forget the weapons of mass destruction. Where are they? In my closet.

Does anyone remember that the administration decided not to use the job growth figures because they were amazingly poor?

The race hasn't officially started and he's doing just dandy.

All I can say for him is to keep up the good work. No smear campaign needed, he's burying himself.


On the home front, my cat has been on a rampage. From the first night R. came over, he's been in a snit. Sinatra has stopped sleeping in my bed. No kitty cuddles anymore for moi.

For the past two weeks, he's been shitting in the tub (on and off) just to make me crazy.

The piece de resistance? Yesterday he went into one of my closets and out of all the shoes in there, decided to pee on my manaolos and my chanel flats. Left all the cheap shoes alone. He then wandered into the other closet and shat on one boot. Did I mention that they were my favorites?

He's been barred from entering my bedroom. I'm terrified that he'll pee on my down comforter.


It's a full moon and running around town with Katie last night proved to me that yes, the crazies do get worse when the moon is perfectly round. Went to Karma. It was so dark inside that I got vertigo--I couldn't figure up from down. The cocktail waitress was selling lollipops.

Tried d/b/a. Walk in and it's packed. Some chick has draped herself over two barstools, is posing with a wineglass in one hand. Was it any wonder that no one went near her.

Hit Lit. It's so packed that they now have stair nazis. One on the top and one on the bottom. The bottom nazi tells you when it's safe to walk up the stairs and the top nazi tells you to hold onto the railing. They're also limiting how many people can go into the basement.

Does this mean it's time to find another home?

Some loud chick was wandering around (in the back room) with a plastic bag that had a piece on her in some middle tier music mag. She's was tryin' to really work it. Every time she bent over, you could see her shiny spandex beige granny pants peeking waaay over her jeans.

Granny pants, when you really want to say no.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Shit, it's Friday, isn't it? I seem to have a problem with time. It sluices through my hands like water.

I'm the only person I know who never remembers birthdays, anniversaries or the correct day of the week.

Went out Saturday night to see Ivan play in a band. He's now hooked up with two of them. Boy is determined to hit the stage before he hits his dotage. Me, I'd just like to be able to sing on key.

Band is The Loosies, they played two songs as part of the Lou Reed Tribute at Freddy's Back Room in Brooklyn. Afterwards, we all piled into the Jimmy, headed back to Billyburg and proceeded to drink. We stopped in one bar where the bartender didn't know how to make any type of a drink. So I ended up with a greyhound that had four shots of vodka in it. Wobbled into another bar, where, be still my heart, we could smoke! I'll never reveal the name. Actually, I can't remember how we got there, the name or any other identifying detail.

I do remember sitting on Ivan's couch insisting that I had to go home or my cat would pee on the bed and asking repeatedly why the walls were spinning when I was sitting up. Fell asleep with boots off, socks on and woke up with my belt almost by my nose. Sleeping in tights sucks.

Very slowly made my way home. Spent the entire day on the couch. I couldn't move if I wanted to and actually watched masses of TV.

It's been so long since I've gone out--if it's really cold, I won't leave the home. I hate the cold and doubly hate dressing up like the pillsboury doughboy. Yeah, I am a wuss.

The hunt for the literary agent continues. Am thinking about investing in a very large butterfly net and stalking them in the streets.


Good night

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Yesterday I got an email from another agent interested in the book. AMAZING!

Today I got a phone message from one of the Monday agents, and I called him back.

I knew the call wasn't going to go well when the agent informed me that he thought I was a man because I had written a "confident query letter." Yes folks those were his words.

Monday, February 23, 2004

No Pants Day is May 7th

No, I'm not making the headline up, go to the website yourself I'm not sure if I'm ready to see subway cars full of men wearing their boxers or tighty whiteys on their way to work.

And in other news...Sunday before SATC I sent off e-queries to a few literary agents about my book and I almost broke out in hysterics when I saw not one but two emails from agents. If I was the coordinated sort, I would have done cartwheels. Being me, I accidentally walked into a wall instead. I've been bouncing around so much my hair is beginning to look like Einstein's.

I've also been told by my nearest and dearest to stay the hell away from coffee tonight.

As it is, I think I could jog to Mars and back but that would mess up NASA's budget.

EEK! EEEK! EEEK! Yes, it's me screaming into the Internet.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

More Mel BS

Look what wandered into my email inbox:

This offer brought to you by &


One of the most important and most controversial films ever
is due to be released next week... The Passion of The Christ.

You've heard the story... you'll see the film... but now
get the EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes scoop about the most
talked about and controversial film of our time.

Mel Gibson has risked his career and life on his
passionate project. And he reveals all in this EXCLUSIVE
interview with Diane Sawyer that is now available on DVD

>From his faith to personal addictions, Gibson bares all and
discusses the firestorm surrounding his movie, "The Passion of
the Christ."

This is one DVD you MUST own. For more info or to order for
just $19.99, Click the link:
EXCLUSIVE "The Passion of The Christ" Interview


Why must I own this? What's the point of all of this anyway? As the movie gets closer and closer to the theatres, the firestorm is heating up and who knows what havoc it will unleash? I'm sure that there are certain factions on this planet that want to beatify Mel right now. I'm pretty sure that there are many people who wouldn't mind if he just fell off the face of the earth.

I'm thrilled to death that when Mel had his drinking etc., problems that he turned to religion and it helped him get off that track. I just don't want and don't need to have his personal views thrust down my throat.

As an aside, I'm often highly amused when people abbrogate any responsibility for their life and use religion (of any sort) to make their decisions for them.


Friday, February 20, 2004

Found another fun site to while away time instead of working, it's called Draw your Boss People send in nasty pictures (anonymously of course) of the bosses who are torturing them.

In a work related note, have stopped fiddling about with the bloody damn proposal. It's done, finished, kaput. And yes, I've actually written my query letter. Whew! Can I get a hey nonny na! I'm a writer, I am supposed to be able to marshall all the words that I need in any way that I can use them, right? Ha! It's easy as hell to write about anything except when it comes to your own work.

I have hated this entire process. It's been like heaving my guts out onto a table, rearranging them and then throwing it out into the winds. Yes gods do I have a headache. Now the next step, acquiring an agent and selling the book.

Right now I feel as if I've done the hardest part. I do realize that the agent part and the selling part is harder, but thank god it's done.

I can breathe now.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I really need to go offline, but I keep coming across websites where you can have fun wasting time, like this one from National Geographic. They've got a crittercam. Just pick an animal and you can watch it swim, fly, eat and flirt.
talk about hungry! Just came across this headline, "Black hole rips apart star." Yeee! Here's the story if you're curious
Due to an up coming movie and a movie star/director's father shooting off his mouth and spouting some very scary lies, it might be a good idea to check out this site I found. The art and politics of Athur Szyk was an artist who escaped Nazi Germany and used his art to make the world aware of Hitler's atrocities.

Now might be the time for some remedial viewing.
I saw a man walking a dog today. What was special about that? The dog had sneakers on his paws.
It's never going to get warm.

We're in the midst of a nuclear winter and someone forgot to tell us.

A little ebay crazy

Being the shopaholic that I am, I decided upon painful thought to ebay some of my things.

It's hard living in the fashion capitol of the world and ignore a sale.

I mean do people really expect you to walk around with blinders or dark glasses on ignoring the screaming signs that say, "SALE," "CLEARANCE" or my favorite, "BUY ME NOW...OR ELSE"

Really you don't have much choice. If you'd like to adopt some gently worn and very well behaved clothes, plase check out my auctions.

Cashmere Sweater in charcoal gray, size m

Three dots 3/4 sleeve ivory& black rugby shirt

Armani tortoise shell glasses

White Juicy Couture Tank in Large

Juicy Couture 3 snap tank in baby blue xl

Nanette Lapore Sheath in size 6

Aquah gray cashmere camisole

Tessuto dress in size 2

St. John Sport
Sweater in small

black halter top in medium

Morgan De Toi baby blue tank with crochet trim, cute size small

Petal Pink Cashmere sweater in medium

Kookai navy long sleeve top with lips, size small

I must learn to stop buying anything just because it's on sale.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

In a heroic act of unselfishness, today my sister rescued five orphaned pairs of shoes and took them home.

I envy her compassion.
Oh yeah--here's the link to my top ten CDs of the year for the Village Voice critic poll. If you feel like arguing wing off a comment
A little bit of music news for anyone craving info.....

Judas Priest has Metalogy (Sony/Legacy Recordings)boxed set that will be released May 4. $ CD's with 65 cuts. It's in a spiffy metal studded box.
More information

Alanis Morrisette's new release So-Called Chaos (Maverick) in stores May 18. The first single/video from the disc is Everything You'll be able to start hearing it March 23.

Thin Lizzy is touring! They're on the road as a headliner and will also be appearing with Deep Purple. They hit the road March 5th. Want more information?

The Vines new CD Winning Days (Capitol) is going to the streets March
23 and they start their North American tour March 11th. Check out for dates.

Local H new release Whatever Happened to PJ Soles? out April 6th and they head out on tour the next day. Curious about dates?

Blender mag has an article in their new mag that claims to know when your fav rocker is going to die Check out the piece

Th-th-that's all for now.
Saw a cute little short on IFC Sparks. Unfortunately it opens with a shot of the twin towers. I automatically cringed, preparing myself for a horrorshow. That was dumb, the flick was obviously (as I found out later) made pre 9/11. Just a short about the goings on in an apt. building.

I've got this pavlovian response whenever I see the towers in film now.

I miss them.

Friday, February 13, 2004

This is too weird, was on the 'net again and found a photo of Miss Piggy imitating Janet Jackson Click on this, then scroll down. Odd thing, It's on a radio DJ's site, guy has same last name-a JR Gach--no relation although I do find it funny because I used to be a radio DJ.

Speaking of significant others

Was wobbling about the Internet and came across this site It's for that person you know who got cleaned out when they broke up with, as Mad William Flint says, "insignificant other."

There's even a place where you can register for goodies, just like a (gasp) bridal registry.

Earlier today came across a news story where Mel Gibson was quoted as saying that as much as he loves his wife, it's sad to know that she's going to go hell because she's an Episcopalian. Wonder who's going to be sleeping on the couch tonight? I wish I could find the link to that story.

Do you think Mel may use that site in the future?

Monday, February 09, 2004

Doing the errand thing today and couldn't help but eavesdrop on the couple walking behind me.

She: What do ya wanna be friends with her for?

He: She's a nice person...

She: Yeah but it's a she...

He: She's nice okay? She listens to me, y'know we just talk, we're just friends okay?

She: No, not okay...She's a girl!

He (louder):Look, you just keep on going all right? Okay? Just keep on walking. I'm going in here (opens door to store) Just get away from me.

He runs inside the store. She stands outside, finishes her cigarette and walks in.

Classic case of not listening. Well it's a classic case of not listening and letting your own insecurities rule your life.

I think if we actually listened to what the other person said, rather than listen only to ourselves, life, sex and relationships would be much easier.

Or to put it into a different context, if we all really listened to Bush, instead of getting caught up in the glamour of his ads, he would never have become president.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If anyone is thinking about getting me a stuffed animal...Don't. Put it back on the shelf and slowly walk away. Good, this way no one gets hurt.

A friend of mine sent me a link to the anti Valentine Day Card website Check it out.
I'm supposed to be writing and I'm here. Well I've been everywhere else on the Internet, TV etc., and am hoping that this might give me the jumpstart to do some real work.


Maybe not.

I have to write


I must

Yeah well if I don't write, I can't buy shoes. I just love having an argument with myself. The only good thing about it is that I win. Can you imagine having an argument with yourself and losing?

Tried to watch the Grammies pre-show and just couldn't deal with it, much less the award show. I rarely watch award shows on TV. They take forever to get to the good stuff and I don't really care what people are wearing to them. In real life how often are you gonna sashay down the street and into the subway in a $4000 dress?

I'll post some music news......

Chris Vrenna who's a founding member of Nine Inch Nails has Robert Smith (The Cure), Johnny Marr, David Sylvain (ex-Japan),Will Oldham, Hamilton Leithauser from The Walkmen, Mellowdrone, and Jennifer Charles from Elysian Fields doing guest bits on his Tweaker 2 a.m. Wakeup Call release (Waxploitation/iMusic). , and for more information.

Josh Todd (former singer of Buckcherry) has a new band. It's called..... JOSH TODD--Josh (vocals), Jesse Logan (guitars), Mike Hewitt (guitars), Mark John (bass) and Kent Ross (drums)—debut album, YOU MADE ME, March 9 (Todd entetainment/XS Records)

The Soul of John Black have released their self-titled debut album on No Mayo Records and will be performing 2/27 at Joe's Pub 425 Lafayette St., NYC 212-539-8776. Their single Scandalous, (no. 9) wasnamed one of NPR's Best Songs of 2003; All Songs Considered and The Wall Street Journal have them in their ROck & Pop Top 10 List.

The Soul Of John Black is guitarist/vocalist John Bigham and bassist Chris Thomas. Blender says "the acoustic serenade 'Time' (Losing My Mind)" sends a hundred magic fingers down your spine" and Interview Magazine boasts "Old-school funk pulses through this debut...the results are spine-tingling."

The band has played and collaborated with such high-profile artists as Miles Davis, Fishbone, Macy Gray, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Betty Carter, Harry Connick, Jr., Joshua Redman, Daniel Lanois and many others. Don't miss the band Spin Magazine says "Sublime's Brad Nowell hears in heaven."

To hear music, watch a behind-the-scenes video or download photos, please visit:

Moments In Grace are touring now. Download the These Days Will Fade EP (including artwork) and check for touring dates at: or

I had better get cracking--stuff to do....

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Boob Pic

Okay for anyone who wants to see the Janet Jackson boob pic click here.
This was just a wardobe malfunction, it happens all the time. The entire issue is getting to be insane, now MTV is blaming Miss J for the whole deal, when she said ahead of time that she was planning on a "shocking" move during the half time show. Hey, didn't Justin and Janet date for awhile? Maybe this was his revenge? Seriously, you see more boobage on regular and cable TV on any given day. And I think the reason why most people watch cheerleaders is to see if they'll fall out of their costumes. I mean the tops of them are teeny weeny. Some I swear can only be found under an electron microscope.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The good news is that I've finally got the comment feature to work. The question is, will I get any? Only time will tell.

I've gotten a few emails concerning the Toby Lightman show at Fez and have decided to share my experience, such as it was. I live in the Upper West Side, Fez is located pretty close to SOHO/East Village border, so I have to switch trains and go east. I hop on the train, open my book and read. La la la la...Train is moving, I'm reading, life is good. Without warning the train stops. Of course it has to stop in the middle of a tunnel, so it's really dark (cue scary music), eventually we lurch towards a stop. A grabled announcement wavers through the air. There's a sick passenger and help is on the way.

We wait.

We wait.

We wait.

Yup, we're still waiting.

The following year the train starts to move. I get to 34th street where I'm going to switch from the B train to the N/R and I look at my watch. I've got a half hour before the show ends. If the connecting train shows up quickly (ha!) and I get off at W8th street, then run like a fiend, I may make the last 15 minutes of the show if I'm lucky. I turnaround and go home.

This is why I'm not writing about adventures lately. Strange things keep happening. An art show was cancelled due to snow. I literally fell asleep while changing to go to another showcase, my guestlist notification was eaten up by the Internet monster....Sigh.

Some music news...

Skye Sweetum will be opening for Britney Spears in her upcoming spring/summer tour. Skye's 15 and her debut release Noise from the Basement (Capitol) will hit the stores May 18th. Her song, "Billy S.," was on the How to Deal soundtrack, and she recorded the theme for the N network show Radio Free Roscoe

Mos Def will be playing Ford Prefect in the upcoming movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. Bit of trivia--Ford Prefect was a British Car.

David Bowie has more tour dates and the Polyphonic Spree will be opening for him at selected shows. More info on dates and opening acts go to David Bowie's website

PROTO-KAW, featuring ex Kansas member Kerry Livgren will have a release out April 6th. Before Came After is on Insideout Music America.

CROSSFADEƃ‚‘s self-titled debut album is set for release April 13 on Columbia/Earshot Records

Locally Argentine will be performing at Pete's Candy Store Williamsburg Feb 5th. 10 pm No cover's_map.html

And as for me, doing the do...Cleaning, eating, writing and desperately trying to stay away from shopping. I must remember that it's a sport not a way of life.

Saturday, January 31, 2004

This Just In....

Went over to's website (link is on the right) and found this great entry and decided to share:

This may be an apocryphal story, but I read a version of a response to that loaded question "Do you know who I am?" which is really, as we all know, a demand for special treatment, whether we know who they are or not. And who cares who they are? Anyway, the story is about an airline ticket agent, who, after a customer threw that question at her, supposedly picked up a microphone and announced she had a customer at the counter who didn't know who he was, and could anyone help him figure it out?

You have got to read that site. Fabulous!
Am disgusted with the news coverage of WMD, economy et al. There was never any WMD in Iran. Actually they've been under my bed with my summer clothes the entire time the hunt was on for them. Now I'm wondering what I should do with them--maybe sell them on ebay?

Anyway--realized the other night that the only way to get very good news coverage about America (and I live here mind you, smack dab in NYC) is to watch the BBC. So I divide my news watching between BBC, The Daily Show and the International News Channel. Thank god for cable.

Found myself rooting for Dean during Iowa, especially after his "roar heard 'round the world." Frankly any politician who's not afraid to speak his mind has my vote. I'm so tired of mealymouthed cookie cutter politicians who utter the same pablum day after day. Why can't we (I mean America) elect someone who has a set of balls? Instead of a politician who has the same type of personality as a cold bowl of oatmeal? I'm upset that Dean is running out of money and may fall off into nothingness. My friend Stefanie (she co-wrote Surviving Saturn's Return ) did his chart and he's supposed to be going through some frighteningly bad Saturn transit right now and won't be able to recover his losses and win the democratic nomination. All I can say, and emphatically mind you is,"Waah!"

I don't understand why everyone here seems so complacent and no one's foaming at the mouth regarding Bush lying to America and the entire world not only about Iran, but about having foreknowledge about the terrorist attacks vis a vis 9/11, the dreaded oil connection and everything else. A pres who screws around gets crucified, but a pres who allows thousands of people to die is exempt from vilification? I don't get it.

What's the big deal about presidents having extracurricular activities anyway? This isn't a new trend--there was the teapot dome scandal and quite a few other cases of presidents having the nopantsitis disease.

CBS used to have this reputation as being the daredevil of news gathering. They would gleefully uncover coverups, slick machinations of governments and corporations and now they're as limp as old celery.

Enough of ranting...Am off to get into trouble.

Oh yeah--if there is anyone out there who could assist me in getting the stupid comment feature to work on my blog, please send me an email.

Friday, January 30, 2004

The cosmetic review that I participated in is published. Here's the URL of the site if you'd like to check it out We reviewers are supposed to be anonymous--so I can't say exactly what was my stuff--I will say that this was too much fun and a great way to expand my writing chops.

The Advice Sisters Website is chuck full of smart, relevant pieces that'll help you navigate your way through all sorts of situations. Give it a scan when you can.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Just got my horoscope for the day....

Greetings PJ --

Here is your horoscope for Thursday, January 29:

Just when you think you've seen it all, the world trots out another wonder. There's a fine line between appreciating something and wanting to possess it. You'll be more attractive by remaining ambiguous.

I have to use the subway today--am now wondering what weird thing I'll bump into while on it

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Ack! or Oops!

I forgot to mention (sorry Kevin) that Loser's Lounge, that wild collective that stages wonderful hommages to artists and groups has created an Ode to James Bond. Sniff! Wasn't asked to be a Bond Girl. So for more information on Kevin and his brothers, please click on these websites and/or

Fri Feb 6th
Sat Feb 7th
Wed Feb 11th
Sat Feb 14th (early show)
Sat Feb 14th (late show)

All shows are at Fez, inside Time Cafe on Lafayette at Great Jones St in NYC.

Blah,Blah, Blah, Blah!

Kinda blah day today. Gee could you tell by the headline? Okay am just a tad sleepy/punchy/whatever. As usual, after a big snowstorm, a minor snowstorm or any type of snowstorm at all, our super goes into hiding and the tenants pretend they're employed by the Ministry of Silly Walks and leap like crazed psychotic deer over the snow and ice. Such a brisk way to start your morning.

Went down to SOHO to the Oscar Bond Salon, 42 Wooster Street to get my fine feminine feathers (getting a wee bit carried away with the alliteration) in English now...To get by hair blown dried for FREE! Yuppers, free. This is a tres chic salon that harbors a delicious secret, you can get your hair done--cut, blow dried, color for pennies by their apprentices. The apprentices are watched by their teachers, who hover about them like hungry hawks so you don't end up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein. Yoshihide was my stylist. He's nice friendly guy, just moved here from Japan and is learning all about American hair and American customer service. We spent a lot of time talking about cultural differences and behaviors. He's been here a few months and is still reeling with culture shock.

On my way over this morning, and oh the streets were empty, I realized that a savvy NY'er can get her hair done in all the top salons and pay, at the most $20.00 for services. I'm talking anything from a blowout (which would have cost me $85.00 at Oscar Bond) to color and highlights at Bumble+Bumble, which is...Let's just say expensive, but I pay $20.00.

I know where you can pick up a Perlina wallet for $1.99, a DKNY coat for $14.99, really chic prescription glasses (frame & lenses) for $39.99, a box of contact lenses for $14.00, in short I know how you can look like you've just stolen the wardrobe and the furnishings of the cast and set of SATC and pay maybe $100 for it all. The ironic thing is that I've been pitching this to editors for about a year now and no one's interested in it. Yet, everyone I know and friends of friends call or email me asking me where to get the really good shit. Go figure.

Am awaiting to hear from another mag if I'll be freelancing for them. I seem to spend a lot of my time waiting and hovering over the in box of my computer lately. I keep hearing that the economy is getting better and that ad sales are finally up, but when and where will it kick in here? When will publishing and New York City, for that matter get better. I know so many talented, educated and PUBLISHED writers who are dying for a gig. It seems that there's a hiring freeze going on everywhere or if you don't know the secret handshake, you're dead in the water.

Sometimes I'll send out my resume and wonder if a human really does read it, or is there some automated program that just deletes it when it gets into an inbox? Not to sound snotty, but there are some staff writers out there, who can't writing a decent opening line, who don't seem to understand what a transition is, or how to create a good piece. I read their work and am astounded by the fact that they've got a full time gig with bennies! This is highly ironic coming from me, the girl who slept during sentence diagramming and other grammatical delights in high school. But, it's true, pick up a free NY paper, I won't say the name and look at some of the pieces that are printed in that thin little broadsheet, and you'll cringe. Then pick up The New York Observer and you'll swoon by the excellence of their prose.

Turning to music news--despite the foul weather the Toby Lightman showcase is on tonight, I'll write about it later. Also got the new Brides of Destruction CD and the soundtrack for the film Intermission y'know the one where Colin Farrell sings...Will be writing about them shortly. Throbbing Gristle will have a remix album out 3/23.

Met up with Ivan for lunch today. Lucky boy had gone to see Iron Maiden a few nights ago. He was chortling over the fact that Metal is supposed to be this heavy duty macho genre and there he is at the Hammerstein Ballroom,surrounded by long haired guys all wearing black tees, watching a guy prancing about on stage, singing in a quasi operatic voice about castles and demons and wearing costumes. Metal is such a funny fantasy land, you don't have to spend much on admission and it's way more fun than Disney ever dreamed it could be.

As usual the talk turned to guitars, and I asked him how his lonely little bass was doing. Okay, here's the deal, I periodically come down with Tina Weymouth-itis, this is where I start hungering for a bass. Mind you, I don't know how to play one, and my guitar teacher used to cringe when I walked thru the door, but I am in love with them. Sometimes this ahem, passion rears its ugly little head, and I have to scurry away from guitar shops lest something really bad occurs. Ivan has occasionally mentioned that he'd lend his to me, so I could see if I could actually do something with it instead of mooning about the bass, then he starts to play it and it stays home. Not to say this is a bad thing, it isn't, I just wanna try a bass. Once.

Ivan is now practicing with two bands and it looks like the last week in Feb will be when he performs with both of them. So the dates have been cleared off and I'm ready to rock n'roll. Now if he'd only tell me the names of the bands....

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Got a very nice email from a prospective editor today, so I braved the cold and hunted down the magazine. Only took four stores before I stumbled into a Barnes & Noble and found it. Gorgeous, glossy mag. Interesting stories and great photos. I now have to wait until Mon or so to find out if I'll be writing for them.

Am beginning to sympathize with the Luddites again. This usually occurs when I'm trying to do some technical thing. Any technical thing if I want to be accurate. Whenever a gizmo I'm dealing with isn't doing exactly what I want it to, I have visions of tossing it or them out of the apt. windows (the side street one to be accurate-it's got a great view of the sidewalk), and counting how many times it bounces up and down.

My latest annoyance is trying to figure out how to get a comment option working on this damn site. I went to, I think 3 or 4 of the ones that were recommended by Blogger and did exactly what the instructions said to do and nothing works. The last site I went to, Comment this! looked the easiest. I copied and pasted the code into the watchamacallit and now you can see a comment line, but you can't add one. Now time to bang head on monitor. I only wish I knew what the hell I was doing.

Got a bit ambitious in the kitchen tonight. Sometimes I'll create a pretty good meal and sometimes it's a lab experiment gone wrong. Tonight I threw together some leftover Beaujolais Nouveau, chicken stock, garlic and pork chops. Not too shabby, but I'm going to have to adjust the cooking time.

Am having the strangest time with my post on I put up a post a few days ago stating that I was looking for exceptional teens ( it's mentioned elsewhere in the blog) and have been getting flagged. So I email Craig and he puts it back up. Today it got flagged six times between the hours of 10 am to 11 am. It stayed up until 10 pm,then got flagged again. I hope whoever keeps doing this gets a really bad case of athlete's foot. And I mean a really bad one. The only positive to come out of this mess is that I'm getting to know Craig and he seems like a super guy.

More snow. Looks like most of the schools in the city have been closed. I've got an early appointment in SOHO and am wondering if I should go or just stay in bed.

All the falling snow reminds me of my second date with R. We were out wandering around in this heavy snow that made the city look like Alaska. Went bowling, wandered some more and ended up in this little bar in Alphabet City playing scrabble.

For the record I'd like to state that my former Boss at Del Rey Books is probably one of the most kindest, patient, compassionate, intelligent and fantastic people in publishing.

I've sent him emails occasionally asking him for advice regarding my book proposal. It's been (and still) is a confusing and hard road for me. Hey, I never thought I could sit still long enough to write one, let alone fiction. Steve has taken time to explain things and let me know what's right and wrong in doing one. I am in awe of him and will never be able to thank him enough for all his time and patience.

I'm still a little in awe of myself for pulling it off. Well, I haven't pulled it off yet, I just can't believe I wrote one. If it hadn't been for my wonderful and dear friend Stefanie, who believed in me, gave me encouragement, advice and listened to my fears, I don't think I could have done it.

Now the thing is to finish the proposal and send it out to agents. Yeah, I am aware that I wrote that I had done most of it, but I am still tinkering with the overview section. I wish there was a book fairy. Just like the tooth fairy, instead you'd put your manuscript under your pillow and you'd wake up with a contract instead of the quarter your mom gave you for the tooth. Oh sorry, I meant tooth fairy *grin*

Thinking about the weather, I'm supposed to go to a showcase tomorrow night at Fez for this singer, Toby Lightman tomorrow night. I wonder if it'll be cancelled. Toby's debut CD Little Things" will be released on March 30th. Her single Devils and Angels" charted after ONLY 5 days on radio. She's an MTV "Artist To Watch in 2004" and I'm anxious to hear her live. I'd also like the postman to stop hiding the CD and fork it over.

Kate may have an agent for her dog Flynn. Or as I call him the Famous Magical Mystical Flynn. He looks like a stuffed animal. Has extremely long legs and is more photogenic than Heidi Klum. Pretty soon I'll have to ask for his pawtograph.

The quitting smoking thing is not working well. I was doing pretty well and now it's out of hand again. Every day I hear on the news that smoking is worse for women, and I'm really upset at myself. I think I need to be put in a deprivation tank for a month to quit properly.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Okay, premenstrual women should definitely stay away from chocolate. It's not enough that I'm feeling like the Queen in Aliens, I've now also got this horrid desire to eat all the chocolate in the known and if I can figure it out, unknown universe.

There I am, sitting on the couch. It's 11 PM, The Daily Show is on...And Then...And then...And then...I realize that I must, absolutely, positively and without a doubt, go down to the corner shop and pick up a package of Little Debbies.

Bad move. I come home not only with the Little Debbies, but cupcakes, brownies and fudge cakes are following me into my kitchen. I don't know how much longer they'll be around.
It's murderously cold here. I found myself making whimpering noises as I was walking down 5th Avenue today. I just couldn't stop myself. I only did the bare minimum of what I had to do today and high-tailed it back home. Waiting on the subway platform, I looked around and saw a man who looked exactly like a garden gnome. Oh he was more than 2 feet high, but he could have been a stand in for the one on those TV ads.

When I came home and pulled off my gloves, my hands were bright red from the cold.

Where is the sun?

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Just finished my first ever cosmetic product review. It was a bit too much fun. I felt like a kid with too many crayons and not enough blank pages.

Am now on the hunt for exceptional/cool teens. I posted an ad in, and within the next twenty minutes of posting, I of course got hit with porn. I think the subject line of the email was "she does animals." Oh joy.

Watched SATC tonight and got annoyed. Lately I've become annoyed with most of TV...Except the West Wing. Anyway, how can Carrie have lived in NYC for as long as she supposedly has and never had espresso, or for that matter have a coffee maker in her apt.? And didn't she buy the other apt on the same floor? It's when I start thinking of all the inconsistencies that I see I lose faith, sense of believability, what have you.

The first night I watched The Apprentice I berated myself for not going to the auditions. Mind you, all anyone has to do is mention the word math to me, and I break out into a cold sweat. But still, watching some of the contestants made me think I could have (possibly) been a good candidate. I think the only reason why they kept Sam on as long as they did, was to make sure the audience would hang on for three weeks. He reminded me of a gopher on speed.

Any show that I watched used to have a modicum of intelligence in the mix. As soon as they got very popular, intelligence hopped out of the window to be replaced by formulaic inanity.

What I find to be frightening and funny (only in the ironic sense of course), is that any time a British show is "imported" here it has to be dumbed down. And I mean dumbed down tremendously.

There was a game show that had a British woman as the host. She had glasses and red hair. No, I'm sorry I can't remember the name, can you help me out on this? (this is a rhetorical question). Anyways...Whilst the show was broadcast in Great Britain, the "Average Joe" was being asked complex history questions and they were expected, nay it was demanded of them to know the answer. When the show was trotted over here, I think the hardest question was if it was Minnie or Mickey Mouse that wore a bow on its head.

Here's another example--I watch Coupling on BBC America. It's very funny, quick witted and just enough over the top to keep you interested. One of the reasons why it's such a good show, now pay attention carefully, is that the actors don't look like actors. They look like real people. The show is brought over here, with the exact same scripts mind you, and it fails. I think part of the reason is that the actors looked like actors--just too perfect for real life. Each and every one of them were blow dried perfection. The characters have been around the block, they've experienced life and are a bit weary. However, if they look like they've never had a split end in their life, how can we believe that they have a sad love life?

It would be nice to think that one day the heads of networks will understand that the majority of the American public can chew gum and walk at the same time. That we deserve a show that doesn't bore a three year old. Then again, we've got people who think Bush is a great president.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Had to run down to the Village today. I get off the subway and am walking down the platform when I see a homeless woman starting to pull her pants down. Apparently the fact that she's going to do whatever it is that she's going to do, where everyone can see her doesn't bother her one whit. Of course I and everyone else is giving her wide berth. The most ironic thing is she's wearing a pair of UGGS. Yeah, these are the boots that are going for over $300 on ebay and she's got a pair.

Only in New York City.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Oh I am annoyed. Can you tell by the heading? I had two amazingly stupid conversations today.

Number one--went to the post office to mail off some stuff, the counter guy writes "SAM" on the envelope, I look at it and quip, "Surface to Air Missile?" So he starts quizzing me on what does RAM, AAM and other initials mean. I'm going on and on about ICBM's etc., He looks at me and says, "How does a girl know these things? This is not girl stuff."
"Well, it's not girl stuff."
"Who said so? Look I wanted to go to the academy."
"You wanted to go to the academy?"
"What's wrong with that? I wanted to learn how to fly fast and blow up things. You gotta problem with that?"

I'm not even going to continue, but I think you get the idea.

next stupid convo...

had coffee with a fellow writer. Talking about our books, history etc., At one point fellow writer asks me if I've ever personally (okay this is an important word) personally thought about topic of book. I think and said nope. But I do think that there's a definite market for it. In fact, I added, I think it would attract many different types of readers.

Later on in the convo I'm told that I have spent the better part of the exchange "slamming the book," direct quote here. WHAT? Just because in my personal life I have never thought about the subject?? I sat there and said exactly that and said if I was "slamming the book" why would I even bother to say that there's a big market for it? Do people listen or what? I'm sorry I didn't lie and say that I think about it 24-7, but I don't and don't get mad at me because I don't. the writer has a contract which means that a house actually thinks it will attract an audience, I think it will attract an audience even if I'm not thinking about it.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, is happening May 1 and 2. Oh do I want someone to send me there to cover it. The lineup is fantastic.

Have finished the overview and now working on the rest of the proposal. This calls for massive amounts of chocolate.

Our Critics Top Albums of 2003

I've had the worst time finding the top ten list from Rolling this year. It was kinda important to me--I'm in there. Finally found it on a website from Bratislava! Anway, thought I'd throw the whole thing in here it goes.

new thought 1/26---I just realized that this is soo long that I'm only keeping my comments. I don't mean to be egotisitical, but thought this was a better idea

Our Critics Top Albums of 2003

This year, the diverse blend of hip-hop, funk and soul -- not to mention comedy -- found on OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below dazzled sufficiently to top our annual critics' poll. Andre 3000 and Big Boi's sprawling two-CD set appeared on eight lists, just one more than Chutes Too Narrow, the second release by brainy indie rockers the Shins.
Despite the hype surrounding the two of the biggest "The" bands since the Beatles and the Stones, the Strokes and the White Stripes pulled in fewer votes for their respective 2003 releases (four) than did the latest offerings from grunge godfather Neil Young and long under-appreciated power-pop outfit Fountains of Wayne (both with five).

Other favorites ran the gamut from the late, great Johnny Cash, to prolific hip-hop phenom Missy Elliott to newcomers bearing the flags of yesteryear: southern rock (Kings of Leon), prog-rock (the Mars Volta) and folk rock (Damien Rice). Clay and Ruben may demand a recount.

1. Rufus Wainwright, Want One (Dreamworks): Gershwinesque and poppy, Wainwright's epic about love proves we all ache the same way. "Pretty Things" reminds us about the lies we tell ourselves.
2. Ambulance Ltd., Ambulance Ltd (TVT): Pink Floyd meets a jam band. "Young Urban" merges the best of old and new school sensibilities.
3. Jamison Parker, Notes & Photographs (Interscope): Quick clever wordplay coupled with tight music make this debut EP too short a ride.
4. David Gahan, Paper Monsters (Reprise/Mute): Not all solo efforts are vanity pieces. Depeche Mode's Gahan has created an eerie, thoughtful release. "Bottle Living" is his bluesy memoir of addiction.
5. Overseer, Wreckage (Columbia): So what if Victoria's Secret co-opted "Slayed "for their ads, this CD needs to played on eleven. A great marriage of electro and hip-hop.
6. Perfecto Presents Paul Oakenfeld, Great Wall (Perfecto/Reprise): Once more Oakenfeld hijacks your body. It's a non-stop ever changing aural landscape that throws you into another dimension, complete with altitude changes and color.
7. Stellarstarr, Stellarstarr (RCA): A smashing debut; fierce playfulness tied to tight musicianship -- catchy pop driven tunes melded to garage's dark side.
8. Brookville, Wonderfully Nothing (Unfiltered): Ivy's Andy Chase's solo project is warm and lush. Indie, trip hop, Jazz, and ambience influences make this a CD to cuddle up to anytime.
9. Ataris, So Long, Astoria (Columbia): Call it Emo, Punk, Garage -- no matter what label you affix to this group, the songs are strong, tough and straight from the heart.
10. Iron Maiden, Dance of Death (Columbia): Metal just won't die, thank god! The boys prove once again, you can be smart and play loud.
Reissue: David Bowie, Aladdin Sane 30th Anniversary Edition (EMI): It's a classic, Bowie's a classic -- a zillion years later it still rocks and has the power to make you think and dance.


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Odd thoughts rattling around my brain

Books, books, books...I can never seem to get enough of them. Almost four years ago I was an interim Editorial Assistant at Del Rey Books and took home between 15-21 books a day. That's right 15 to 21 FREE books a day. I still have books from there that I haven't read and yet I keep going out and buying more. It's as if I'm afraid of not having anything to read...Which when you think about it, it's silly...There are so many unread books in my house. I'm wondering if I'm stockpiling them sometimes.

This past weekend I went to visit Kate in Park Slope again. I'm getting pretty good at the commute. In her neighborhood is a used book store. I realize that a used book store doesn't seem like a big deal, but there aren't any in Manhattan. I've lived in quite a few states and there was always one or two in the town/city that I lived in. If there's any one drawback to living in NYC, it's that used book stores seem to be scarce. There is one, now that I think about it. But it's in the Financial District and they don't have a great selection. It's pretty hit or miss.

7th Avenue Books, Inc. on 300 7th Ave in Park Slope is a store not to be missed. They have everything. It's jammed floor to ceiling with books, tables overflowing with books, milk crates jammed with books. It's a junkies paradise. I told the owner that the store was pure evil as I forked over my credit card and he handed me a large shopping bag with books. I grabbed Terry Pratchet, a translation of Les Liaisons Dangerouses (I've only been looking for that for five years), And tons of other books; ranging from garbagey top sellers to "deep" books. I'm so glad the store isn't close to me, I'd be broke in a matter of days. Books! Bliss!

Vulnerable. I hate that word. I was thinking about writing something cute next to it, y'know like the definition, but that's been done. And what does it prove anyway except I'm a smartass (I think we've figured that one out by now).

Seriously, I'm terrified of being vulnerable. I'm great at hiding behind a laugh, a snarky funny comment, but letting myself be wide open, that gives me the shakes.

I think it's more than being vulnerable. It's the after effect of being vulnerable, the moment when you realize that you're open, nothing can protect you and you're teetering midway between two points. The points being bliss or hell.

There's nothing you can do once you open yourself up. Nope, after that fatal moment, it's the other person who can either slam you with poison darts or hold you.

The waiting for the following reaction is like sitting on glass.

Thing is, the followup can be in a nanosecond or it can be days, but the stretched too tight feeling, the beating yourself over the head feeling, the wondering if what was said was real or a lie is just plain agony.

Try distracting yourself, what a joke. I'll try not to think of various weird scenarios, and of course I come back to them. Just like when you tell someone not to think about the purple tap dancing elephant, you of course think about a purple tap dancing elephant.

Maybe that's why I am a fabulous dater. I can skate around anything emotional with out having to deal with it,. Bad first date? Solution-- no second date. Good first date, bad second date? Solution - don't date and make fun of poor misguided fool.

And then what happens when you meet someone who makes you laugh, who is a terrific kisser, is just an all around nice person? Hanging out with him is easy. There's none of that strange "this is a date" vibe, it just seems natural to hang out, laugh and enjoy oneself. What do you do? How about utter panic. Why? Oh for the sheer pleasure of it. Seriously, I feel like there's the sword of Damocles twirling over my head and I hate it. It's a time limit thing going on and there's not a thing I can do.

Do you try to cram a bunch of experiences in? Do you say fuck it and walk away? Do you bang your head against the monitor until there's blood on the screen?

This isn't a 25 minute sitcom where in between the commercial messages all's well that ends well. This is life and I may not be the first person to say it, and I'm not going to be the last, but sometimes it sucks.

Probably had one of the best rejection emails in my life today. In the email, the editor wrote, "Your clips were great, and I wish we could afford you..." Oh gosh, I'm just aglow. Okay, the market sucks and mag budgets are tight, half the time you don't even get a "thank you, but no thank you" letter/email/carrier pigeon. This email made my day.

Oh yeah...Music News

Aerosmith is doing a national tour with Cheap Trick. I kid you not, the 70's are officially back. Tour dates and other info can be found at

Listened to Hurry Up Offense's EP The labor Day EP
They're an irreverent, effervescent punk band that throws energy and good vibes through your speakers. They're along the lines of Green Day, but they're not derivative, they have their own sound, their own stance. Hearing them, you just want to dance. The singer may be moaning about a shitty event, but he sounds so damn happy (this sounds better than written, trust me) You need to have him singing more and more about his pain. This is so you can dance more and more. They'll be at the Luna Lounge in NYC 1/31 if you wanna catch their live show. Or check out their site to buy the CD or just look at them

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Just got asked to join another blog "Memories I Had Forgotten," where you can scribble memories that have popped into your head. Old forgotten ones seem to pop in my head at the strangest times. Sitting in the subway, walking down a street, taking a shower--I guess it's when you're not preoccupied with the daily tasks your mind takes a quick journey down memory lane. Then it decides to startle you by reminding you of embarrassing moments et al. Like when I had my skirt tucked into my pantyhose all day in 8th grade and no one told me. Can we say, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGh"
Yup, I knew we could.

Had two very illuminating conversations about work yesterday. The first was about book proposals. I had been chatting with this woman who gas 9 count 'em 9 books out (that's enough to make me dizzy) about proposals and what you have to do etc., and in the space of twenty minutes she gave me great ideas, lots of wonderful insight and explained stuff to me that had me freaking out. She suggested that I should explain the book to my cat, then rewrite the overview section. Alison said that you've got to dumb it down, then gussy it up. So, a few deep breaths and back into the fray.

Other convo--met my rep at a creative agency I'm attached to, went over my prof site and made some revisions to make it more marketable.

The trick is to think of yourself as a product, not a person and market the crap out of yourself. Sounds easy, but execution can be another thing.

There's a blog I like reading, it's written by a Brit living in NYC "Wishful Thinking in New York" . Some of his adventures are pretty funny--check out his SOHO House saga, or read his takes on some of the restaurants here. Reading his blog I realized that he goes to Doma in the West Village. Not only do I go there, but I have friends who practically live there. It's funny that he and I and other NYC blog writers could all be drinking coffee in the same place at the same time and be completely clueless that we're all under the same roof.

It's the joys of the Internet. You can "know" everyone and be a total stranger in reality.

Have to write up some cosmetic product reviews. Will be road testing some lipsticks from various brands. Good excuse to kiss someone.

It's another frigid day in NYC and I need to do stuff, but the jammies are too damn comfortable and my house is warm.

Been thinking, I like the idea of Winter. I like looking at snow from the inside. Going out and having to deal with it is another story.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Saw R. Wednesday night. We went over to the Angel Lounge on Houston. We sat, laughed, drank, shared a cheese plate and watched the snowflakes dance through the air. All in all a lovely night.

Thursday it was so cold that I couldn't even concentrate on work, spent most of my time in the living room trying to warm up. Silly me for having a home office in my bedroom. It felt like icicles were swinging from my ceiling. Ugh.

Do have more music news........

Pennywise are hitting the road again. They're kicking off a national tour starting 1/21 in Atlanta. Here are the rest of the dates:

Date City Venue

Wed 1/21 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
Thurs 1/22 Jacksonville, FL Plush
Fri 1/23 Boynton Beach, FL Ovation
Sat 1/24 St. Petersburg, FL Jannus Landing
Sun 1/25 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues
Wed 1/28 Norfolk, VA The NorVa
Thurs 1/29 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre
Fri 1/30 Worcester, MA The Palladium
Sat 1/31 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
Wed 2/18 Washington, DC 930 Club
Thurs 2/19 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
Fri 2/20 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
Sat 2/21 Pittsburgh, PA Club Laga
Sun 2/22 Cleveland, OH Agora Theatre
Wed 2/25 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's
Thurs 2/26 Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargo's
Fri 2/27 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Sat 2/28 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
Sun 2/29 Minneapolis, MN The Quest

Dialated People's third CD Neighborhood Watch (Capitol Records) hits the stores April 6.
Track Listing:
Neighborhood Watch
Tryin' to Breathe
Who's Who
Poisonous (featuring Devin The Dude)
Reach Us
Big Business
Love and War
1580 (Skit)
World on Wheels
Closed Session (feat. Defari, Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia)
This Way (feat. Kanye West)
DJ Babu in Deep Concentration

Danger Mouse (I love that name) new CD The Grey Album (Waxploitation) is out. They're combined the vocal content of Jay-Z's Black album added new beats and production using The Beatles White Album as the source material.

Aerosmith is headlining the Superbowl pre-game show, Feb 1 at the Relaint Stadium in Houston. Well that should be fun. Personally, I've been a bit cranky towards Steve Tyler ever since he stole my seat at a concert. He and his crew took over an entire row and I spent the rest of the evening standing. Oh joy.

Melissa Manchester (anyone remember "Don't Cry Out Loud) is releasing a new CD
When I Look Down That Road (Koch Record) March 9. Keb Mo and Beth Nielsen Chapman guest on the CD. She's also planning a tour after that. No comment.

Yes has a documentary premiering January 26th and to kick off that they're going to be performing a live acoustic show that will be then simulcast to all the theaters screening the doc that night.

YESSPEAK will be presented at the following locations on January 26th:

3265 N.E. Expressway Access - Chamblee, GA

591 Donald J. Lynch Blvd- Marlborough, MA

6707 Transit Road - Williamsville, NY

300 Parkway Drive - Lincolnshire, IL

3492 Mayfield Road - Cleveland Heights, OH

11801 McCree Road - Dallas, TX

500 16th Street - Denver, CO

3033 Springvale Drive - Walled Lake, MI

325 E. Main Street - Branford, CT

7620 Katy Freeway - Houston, TX

49 W. Maryland Street - Indianapolis, IN

9400 W. Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV

65 Fortune Drive- Irvine, CA

6420 Camden Avenue North - Minneapolis, MN

850 Broadway - New York, NY

1211 E. I-240 - Oklahoma City, OK

1400 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd - Philadelphia, PA

9090 E. Indian Bend - Scottsdale, AZ

1510 NE Multnomah Street. - Portland, OR

3561 Truxel Road - Sacramento, CA

10733 Westview Parkway - San Diego, CA

6330 Christie Ave - Emeryville, CA

5000 Dublin Blvd. - Dublin, CA

1101 Super Mall Way - Auburn, WA

1003 State Road 7- Royal Palm Beach, FL

671 N. Glebe Road - Arlington, VA

Alanis Morrisette's new release "So-Called Chaos" (Maverick Records)
hits the stores April 13. The first single and video is "Everything" Gee I vaguely remember her getting slimed when I was a kid

If you're in NYC on a Thursday night and looking for an Industry night, check out Mickey's Blue Room 171 Avenue C between 10th and 11th Streets. They've always have a very good Happy hour with drafts, well drinks, and selected bottles priced at $3 each. You'll find writers, musicians, music people and civilians hanging out and drinking on those Industry nights. Got a question about Industry night? email Dina at I can vouch for her, she's a great person.

Love Me Destroyer is touring with Digger, Stereotyperider, Lawrence Arms, and more! Here are the dates:

1/16/04• Denver, CO ­ Cervantes W/ Black Black Ocean, The Affairs, Red Cloud
1/22/04• Grand Junction, CO ­ Whiskey River
1/23/04• Phoenix, AZ ­ Nita¹s Hideaway W/ Stereotyperider
1/24/04• Albuquerque, NM ­ The Launchpad W/ Stereotyperider
1/27/04• Ft. Collins, CO ­ The Starlight W/ The Lawrence Arms, The Ghost
1/28/04• Lawrence, KS ­ The Bottleneck w/ Straight Outta Junior High
1/29/04• Wichita, KS ­ America¹s Pub w/ Straight Outta Junior High
1/30/04• Pearland, TX ­ Perry¹s Landmark W/ Digger
1/31/04• San Antonio, TX ­ TBA W/ Digger
2/1/04• Austin, TX - Emo¹s W/ Digger
2/3/04• El Paso, TX ­ Moontime Pizza W/ Digger
2/4/04• Tucson, AZ ­ Skrappy¹s W/ Digger, Stereotyperider
2/5/04• Las Vegas, NV ­ Double Down Saloon w/ Stereotyperider

Laymen Terms has a new EP coming out on Suburban Home Records on February 24th. You can check out their MP3 from their title track "3 Days In" on the Suburban Home Records website so that you may download it now for FREE

for the MP3 or more info on the bands that call Suburban Home Records their own, check out their website

That's all for music news. My friend Michael is a fantastic photographer, I've been telling him that he ought to be shooting for Vogue etc., for a year now. Anyway, he's just been written up in Retail AD World about his work and has stuff in two mags. So he's celebrating with a biiig party at Lobby tonight. The last party of his that I went to, I ended up slightly snockered (the details are somewhere in this blog) this time I have promised myself that I will noy be crawling over any banquette tops like last time. You can check out michael's work at or you can see his work at or at

Anyway, I'm praying that it will warm up a bit, I'd really like to go out at night instead of huddling in my apartment listening to the howling wind.