Friday, October 08, 2004

Very sleepy--murderous thoughts about last night's shoes....will continue in a more coherent manner tomorrow

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Am off to a thing tonight, and as usual dragging poor Ivan with me. It's a show at Rothko--we'll be checking out a few bands and the open bar. It's very important in my line of work to know about up and coming bands the buzz, etc., Free drinks don't hurt either.

Met Andrew Cuomo yesterday. Very tall, good handshake, direct eye-contact. Seems like a nice man.

Am almost done reading "Fast Food Nation," and "Sarah Churchill Duchess of Marlborough," but still have to get through John Locke's book. It's on my bedside table, I've been switching between that and "Fast Food." I started reading "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding," while reading the bio about the Duchess because she was a fan of his, and I wanted to more fully understand her mindset. I am such a geek.

Still trying to figure out the correlations between that and my current audio obsession, Gabriel and Dresden's "Bloom" CD. It's their debut CD and indiscribably delicious. The type of aural soundscape that you must dive into and are reluctant to leave. Dance music that isn't dance, trance that rocks and beats that sing through your bones.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I opened up my email this morning and found a note from the same reader who dropped the other note;


I read you blog entry today with much interest. Today I found you more interesting. No gloomy dead cat commentary. No Queer Eye for the Straight Guy sightings. Apparently you were energized by my e-mail. If so, that’s great.

I feel like a muse. PJ, are there male muses? Or – pun intended – can one be an e-male muses? I like puns. Many people don’t. I heard a fine author on c-span a few weeks ago say that he dislikes puns. Puns, like Jacob Cohen from Babylon, NY, a.k.a. Rodney Dangerfield, get no respect. Good old Jacob died on Tuesday.

So your distorted word was “whee.” And you say a discreet whee.

You write, anyone who knows you knows that there are guys attracted to a petite redhead who has problems with spatial dynamics. Tell me about you and spatial dynamics. I’d like to know more. Next blog? An e-mail?

Do know about spatial dynamically challenged woman, but I too like petite. This brings me back to puns – specifically homonyms. While there is no we, I know you are petite, that is you are wee and you recently experienced a discreet whee. Oui?


It's nice to greet the morning with a laugh. It's sad about Rodney Dangerfield, he was a very funny, clever man. My mom told me once, that somehow through the New York single scene, a friend of a friend once tried to fix Mom and Rodney up. I asked what happened, she said that they talked on the phone, but she wasn't that impressed with him.

Looking back, I realize that this was right before she had gotten sick and when I thought I had all the time in the world to ask her about her life.

On a lighter note, I attempted to watch the debate last night. Three seconds into it, I started screaming at Cheney and had to leave before I started throwing things at the set.

A Vice President (I forget who, how appropo) was once quoted as saying that "The Vice Presidency isn't worth a spittoon full of warm spit." So, on that note, I did think it was funny that the VP's and VP's to be were arguing on TV. Traditionally, the VP goes to functions that the President can't make, patiently waits to step in if the President is incapacitated, and not much else. Except Cheney. Bush 2.0 is the only president who doubles as a ventriloquist's dummy, and yeah, we know who's putting words in his mouth, and pulling the strings - Cheney.

I love how Cheney discreetly mentions he's for gay rights this election. Lest we all forget, one of his daughters is gay and was the head of a gay PAC. When Cheney was elected, she was oh so discreetly paid off and flew into the woodwork. Now, when it's politically expedient, he remembers her.

Rather than go on and on about the present administration, I'm going to stop as I'm in a good mood right now and don't want to lose it. I've got an entire day to get through and want to greet it smiling.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Oh boy!

I got an email from a reader of this blog that I felt like sharing with you.

"'What in the world is one to make of today's entry? I, like you, am a New Yorker. But your so-called weekend in one word which is not a word but rather is nonsense. And if anything PJ it is two words. And more importantly, it says nothing to me about our town - New York.

PJ, please explain. Either explain to me by return e-mail or in you blog. I will be reading.


First of all, I'm delighted to get mail, so if you've been thinking about dropping me a line, go ahead. Half the time, I'm playing around here when I should be doing work, but aren't most writers great procrastinators? When I'm writing, the only time I've ever gotten mail was from my Op Eds for the New York Post. I have to say that the hate mail was fun to read. Not that I like being castigated, but the atrocious grammar and wacky assumptions were hilarious. That really was the only time I've ever gotten reader feedback from my work.

About the word I used to describe the weekend, it was the extremely elongated version of the word, "whee." That word is usually used to describe good things or something fun. I was trying to be discreet.

When I started this blog, I made a promise to myself and in print as well, that there were just certain things I would not or could not write about. I do want to live and while I can hint about certain frustrations in being a freelance writer, there's no way in hell that I'm going to name names. Same goes for my private life. Oh yeah, I can be a dating fool. Anyone who knows me, or has read this blog knows that there are guys out there who are attracted to a petite redhead who has problems with spatial dynamics. So I will write about some of my adventures. The things that my friend Ivan and I get up to sometimes can be downright silly. We become two 17 year old boys, bitching about guitars, me seriously mooning over basses, and have been known to run around Tower Records and push all the heavy metal CDs into prominence.

Back to Saturday night--I'll give the very bare bones--the very bare bones

Went to CBGB's to check out The Exit and a few other bands that were playing that night. The Exit were performing to promote the release of their New CD, "Home For An Island." I did catch part of Asobi Seksu's set and liked them. Female lead singer, plays keyboards--Raveonettes meets Blondie with nice guitar work. Exit reminds me of early U2. I'm talking from the "Boy," "October," and "War" era, before they got schmaltzy--and just to shake things up a bit, they've got some chord changes that you swore were early Police. Yeah, yeah, I know there are only so many chords to go around, but I would watch the grouping.

If you were there and saw a small woman all in black wearing silver and white boots - that was me. Anyway....something unexpected and nice happened. That's all you're going to get out from me.

Wanna do me a favor...check out my interview with Sonic Youth at You'll be able to watch and read it. In a few days, you should be able to watch my interview with Two Gallants and read my inerterview with the extremely swoony Gabriel and Dresden there as well.

Okay...go! Go there now!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend in one word


Friday, October 01, 2004

Walking down 42nd Street today, right by Grand Central Station, guess who's passing me by chatting on his cellphone? Carson Kressley that's who. Yup, a member of the Fab Five. And we've wearing the same sunglasses. I knew I had a famous twin