Monday, November 03, 2003

All Quiet On The Home Front

Nothing incredibly horrible has happened this week. Hallelujah!

I got a call from the bride and have been promoted from Chuppah holder to bridesmaid. I asked her if that came with a raise and a corner office. This wedding is getting really strange. I mean, the wedding's not till May, anything can happen before then. AND bridezilla now wants monthly "get togethers" with the bridal party. Why? Please tell me why. I'm wondering what's going to happen to her once the wedding is over. There's no way that I'll be going to monthly after parties. Uh huh.

Drummer boy surfaced. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I so don't care. Men. Yeesh. I think that word sums everything up nicely.

No, it's not that I don't like them, I do. They're wonderful. I just don't have limitless patience for their antics.

Had an interesting chat with a fellow freelancer tonight. Went to one of those media thingys. We snuck outside for a cig break and apropos to nothing, she asked me if I had a "significant other." I burst out laughing and said, "Honey, I haven't gotten laid since July and it wasn't that fabulous." Ever notice how some people turn very red very fast? She was like litmus paper.

"No, no, no! That's not what I meant. I mean how do you concentrate on work?"

"Look I date like a wild thing and if I could find someone with whom I'd like to get naked with, I would. But seriously, we all have different priorities. Some people's priorities are their relationships, and that's okay. Some people's priorities are their careers, and that's okay too. It's all about what's most important to you."

Oh yeah, I heard squeaky noises in the ceiling in my bathroom today. Not cute cartoony squeaky noises, real SQUEAKY NOISES.

So, I've got a two bed, no view and squeakers. I wonder if I can get the squeakers to chip in on rent or at least bring a nice housewarming gift.

Thank god it's over

Could it be that my biorythyms were low? Or that the stars really had it in for me? Suffice to say this was the week that needs a do over.

As I promised when I started this thing, I wouldn't/couldn't write about work, I'm sticking to that resolution. But work played into my having an INCREDIBLY stressful week, topped off by losing my keys.

My keys may be in the garbage or tucked somewhere in a lost or found bin, but they are not with me. Of course, my front door key is a medeco key, which means that the only way to get one is to go the manager's office and get it. Oh joy!

The nice bits of the week. Had dinner with Rose Wednesday night. We ate at our favorite restuarant, Cafe Topsy, 575 Hudson Street. They serve amazing British food. No, I am not on drugs, in the right hands any cuisine can be more than edible, and Topsy's has terrific ambience, yummy drinks and hot waiters (okay most of them are gay, but eye candy is eye candy). Plus Tony the owner is a doll and there's something nice about going to a place where everyone knows your name and you can kid around with them. It's sort of like being home, except better decorated and your living room is filled with strangers. I mean, I can go there, help myself to a cup of coffee, flirt with the boys, get dating advice and order a half portion of dessert.

Met up with Ivan after dinner, we had plans to troll the music venues in the LES, but since I had been on a shopping binge, (when I get very stressed I shop) we had drinks at Welcome to the Johnson's and caught a band at Luna.

The shopping bag was so heavy that I was listing to one side and I was so stressed out that I had three drinks (two martinis and one vodka gimlet) and I was still sober. I have zero tolerance for alcohol, and the fact that I could down three drinks and not feel it.....

Listened to a band called Speedway at Luna Lounge. The members look like escapees from a jam band and play excellent alternative rock. The sound system was on the fritz, combine that with hollow bodied guitar and ouch. They're definitely a band to see again. Music is fresh and the lead singer plays bass-doing all sorts of fancy finger work while singing--not easy.

Thursday night Albert and I finally caught up with another and saw Kill Bill Vol.1. I was bored. The fight scenes were beautifully choreographed, I think there was a plot, but don't quote me on that and the subtitles did not match what the actors were saying.

There were so many mini-hommages to various tv shows and kung fu movies that it smelled derivative. Yes, I know that the cheesy lighting was on purpose, but cheez louise...enough all ready.

Tonight was my first night as a judge for the First Annual Soapbox Comedy Festival it's being held throughout the city until the 13th. The comic I really enjoyed didn't make the cut. Sniff. I'm rooting for her anyway, the woman was very polished and funny.

Came across a silly fun song "Gay Boyfriend" by the British duo Hazzards. The video is silly and a great time waster. I wouldn't suggest watching it at work, you'll laugh out loud too much and get into trouble. Check out the website If you can also check out Adam Freeland's "We want your soul" song and or video. Full of biting wit about crass consumerism. There's a great line in the song, something about it being okay for America to go to sleep as our leaders are making our decisions for us.

Oh yeah, my date with drummer boy--got stood up. Could anything else have gone wrong? At least we weren't invaded by aliens!

This coming week had better improve, or I'm sending it back.