Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Yesterday I got an email from another agent interested in the book. AMAZING!

Today I got a phone message from one of the Monday agents, and I called him back.

I knew the call wasn't going to go well when the agent informed me that he thought I was a man because I had written a "confident query letter." Yes folks those were his words.

Monday, February 23, 2004

No Pants Day is May 7th

No, I'm not making the headline up, go to the website yourself I'm not sure if I'm ready to see subway cars full of men wearing their boxers or tighty whiteys on their way to work.

And in other news...Sunday before SATC I sent off e-queries to a few literary agents about my book and I almost broke out in hysterics when I saw not one but two emails from agents. If I was the coordinated sort, I would have done cartwheels. Being me, I accidentally walked into a wall instead. I've been bouncing around so much my hair is beginning to look like Einstein's.

I've also been told by my nearest and dearest to stay the hell away from coffee tonight.

As it is, I think I could jog to Mars and back but that would mess up NASA's budget.

EEK! EEEK! EEEK! Yes, it's me screaming into the Internet.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

More Mel BS

Look what wandered into my email inbox:

This offer brought to you by &


One of the most important and most controversial films ever
is due to be released next week... The Passion of The Christ.

You've heard the story... you'll see the film... but now
get the EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes scoop about the most
talked about and controversial film of our time.

Mel Gibson has risked his career and life on his
passionate project. And he reveals all in this EXCLUSIVE
interview with Diane Sawyer that is now available on DVD

>From his faith to personal addictions, Gibson bares all and
discusses the firestorm surrounding his movie, "The Passion of
the Christ."

This is one DVD you MUST own. For more info or to order for
just $19.99, Click the link:
EXCLUSIVE "The Passion of The Christ" Interview


Why must I own this? What's the point of all of this anyway? As the movie gets closer and closer to the theatres, the firestorm is heating up and who knows what havoc it will unleash? I'm sure that there are certain factions on this planet that want to beatify Mel right now. I'm pretty sure that there are many people who wouldn't mind if he just fell off the face of the earth.

I'm thrilled to death that when Mel had his drinking etc., problems that he turned to religion and it helped him get off that track. I just don't want and don't need to have his personal views thrust down my throat.

As an aside, I'm often highly amused when people abbrogate any responsibility for their life and use religion (of any sort) to make their decisions for them.


Friday, February 20, 2004

Found another fun site to while away time instead of working, it's called Draw your Boss People send in nasty pictures (anonymously of course) of the bosses who are torturing them.

In a work related note, have stopped fiddling about with the bloody damn proposal. It's done, finished, kaput. And yes, I've actually written my query letter. Whew! Can I get a hey nonny na! I'm a writer, I am supposed to be able to marshall all the words that I need in any way that I can use them, right? Ha! It's easy as hell to write about anything except when it comes to your own work.

I have hated this entire process. It's been like heaving my guts out onto a table, rearranging them and then throwing it out into the winds. Yes gods do I have a headache. Now the next step, acquiring an agent and selling the book.

Right now I feel as if I've done the hardest part. I do realize that the agent part and the selling part is harder, but thank god it's done.

I can breathe now.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I really need to go offline, but I keep coming across websites where you can have fun wasting time, like this one from National Geographic. They've got a crittercam. Just pick an animal and you can watch it swim, fly, eat and flirt.
talk about hungry! Just came across this headline, "Black hole rips apart star." Yeee! Here's the story if you're curious
Due to an up coming movie and a movie star/director's father shooting off his mouth and spouting some very scary lies, it might be a good idea to check out this site I found. The art and politics of Athur Szyk was an artist who escaped Nazi Germany and used his art to make the world aware of Hitler's atrocities.

Now might be the time for some remedial viewing.
I saw a man walking a dog today. What was special about that? The dog had sneakers on his paws.
It's never going to get warm.

We're in the midst of a nuclear winter and someone forgot to tell us.

A little ebay crazy

Being the shopaholic that I am, I decided upon painful thought to ebay some of my things.

It's hard living in the fashion capitol of the world and ignore a sale.

I mean do people really expect you to walk around with blinders or dark glasses on ignoring the screaming signs that say, "SALE," "CLEARANCE" or my favorite, "BUY ME NOW...OR ELSE"

Really you don't have much choice. If you'd like to adopt some gently worn and very well behaved clothes, plase check out my auctions.

Cashmere Sweater in charcoal gray, size m

Three dots 3/4 sleeve ivory& black rugby shirt

Armani tortoise shell glasses

White Juicy Couture Tank in Large

Juicy Couture 3 snap tank in baby blue xl

Nanette Lapore Sheath in size 6

Aquah gray cashmere camisole

Tessuto dress in size 2

St. John Sport
Sweater in small

black halter top in medium

Morgan De Toi baby blue tank with crochet trim, cute size small

Petal Pink Cashmere sweater in medium

Kookai navy long sleeve top with lips, size small

I must learn to stop buying anything just because it's on sale.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

In a heroic act of unselfishness, today my sister rescued five orphaned pairs of shoes and took them home.

I envy her compassion.
Oh yeah--here's the link to my top ten CDs of the year for the Village Voice critic poll. If you feel like arguing wing off a comment
A little bit of music news for anyone craving info.....

Judas Priest has Metalogy (Sony/Legacy Recordings)boxed set that will be released May 4. $ CD's with 65 cuts. It's in a spiffy metal studded box.
More information

Alanis Morrisette's new release So-Called Chaos (Maverick) in stores May 18. The first single/video from the disc is Everything You'll be able to start hearing it March 23.

Thin Lizzy is touring! They're on the road as a headliner and will also be appearing with Deep Purple. They hit the road March 5th. Want more information?

The Vines new CD Winning Days (Capitol) is going to the streets March
23 and they start their North American tour March 11th. Check out for dates.

Local H new release Whatever Happened to PJ Soles? out April 6th and they head out on tour the next day. Curious about dates?

Blender mag has an article in their new mag that claims to know when your fav rocker is going to die Check out the piece

Th-th-that's all for now.
Saw a cute little short on IFC Sparks. Unfortunately it opens with a shot of the twin towers. I automatically cringed, preparing myself for a horrorshow. That was dumb, the flick was obviously (as I found out later) made pre 9/11. Just a short about the goings on in an apt. building.

I've got this pavlovian response whenever I see the towers in film now.

I miss them.

Friday, February 13, 2004

This is too weird, was on the 'net again and found a photo of Miss Piggy imitating Janet Jackson Click on this, then scroll down. Odd thing, It's on a radio DJ's site, guy has same last name-a JR Gach--no relation although I do find it funny because I used to be a radio DJ.

Speaking of significant others

Was wobbling about the Internet and came across this site It's for that person you know who got cleaned out when they broke up with, as Mad William Flint says, "insignificant other."

There's even a place where you can register for goodies, just like a (gasp) bridal registry.

Earlier today came across a news story where Mel Gibson was quoted as saying that as much as he loves his wife, it's sad to know that she's going to go hell because she's an Episcopalian. Wonder who's going to be sleeping on the couch tonight? I wish I could find the link to that story.

Do you think Mel may use that site in the future?

Monday, February 09, 2004

Doing the errand thing today and couldn't help but eavesdrop on the couple walking behind me.

She: What do ya wanna be friends with her for?

He: She's a nice person...

She: Yeah but it's a she...

He: She's nice okay? She listens to me, y'know we just talk, we're just friends okay?

She: No, not okay...She's a girl!

He (louder):Look, you just keep on going all right? Okay? Just keep on walking. I'm going in here (opens door to store) Just get away from me.

He runs inside the store. She stands outside, finishes her cigarette and walks in.

Classic case of not listening. Well it's a classic case of not listening and letting your own insecurities rule your life.

I think if we actually listened to what the other person said, rather than listen only to ourselves, life, sex and relationships would be much easier.

Or to put it into a different context, if we all really listened to Bush, instead of getting caught up in the glamour of his ads, he would never have become president.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If anyone is thinking about getting me a stuffed animal...Don't. Put it back on the shelf and slowly walk away. Good, this way no one gets hurt.

A friend of mine sent me a link to the anti Valentine Day Card website Check it out.
I'm supposed to be writing and I'm here. Well I've been everywhere else on the Internet, TV etc., and am hoping that this might give me the jumpstart to do some real work.


Maybe not.

I have to write


I must

Yeah well if I don't write, I can't buy shoes. I just love having an argument with myself. The only good thing about it is that I win. Can you imagine having an argument with yourself and losing?

Tried to watch the Grammies pre-show and just couldn't deal with it, much less the award show. I rarely watch award shows on TV. They take forever to get to the good stuff and I don't really care what people are wearing to them. In real life how often are you gonna sashay down the street and into the subway in a $4000 dress?

I'll post some music news......

Chris Vrenna who's a founding member of Nine Inch Nails has Robert Smith (The Cure), Johnny Marr, David Sylvain (ex-Japan),Will Oldham, Hamilton Leithauser from The Walkmen, Mellowdrone, and Jennifer Charles from Elysian Fields doing guest bits on his Tweaker 2 a.m. Wakeup Call release (Waxploitation/iMusic). , and for more information.

Josh Todd (former singer of Buckcherry) has a new band. It's called..... JOSH TODD--Josh (vocals), Jesse Logan (guitars), Mike Hewitt (guitars), Mark John (bass) and Kent Ross (drums)—debut album, YOU MADE ME, March 9 (Todd entetainment/XS Records)

The Soul of John Black have released their self-titled debut album on No Mayo Records and will be performing 2/27 at Joe's Pub 425 Lafayette St., NYC 212-539-8776. Their single Scandalous, (no. 9) wasnamed one of NPR's Best Songs of 2003; All Songs Considered and The Wall Street Journal have them in their ROck & Pop Top 10 List.

The Soul Of John Black is guitarist/vocalist John Bigham and bassist Chris Thomas. Blender says "the acoustic serenade 'Time' (Losing My Mind)" sends a hundred magic fingers down your spine" and Interview Magazine boasts "Old-school funk pulses through this debut...the results are spine-tingling."

The band has played and collaborated with such high-profile artists as Miles Davis, Fishbone, Macy Gray, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Betty Carter, Harry Connick, Jr., Joshua Redman, Daniel Lanois and many others. Don't miss the band Spin Magazine says "Sublime's Brad Nowell hears in heaven."

To hear music, watch a behind-the-scenes video or download photos, please visit:

Moments In Grace are touring now. Download the These Days Will Fade EP (including artwork) and check for touring dates at: or

I had better get cracking--stuff to do....

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Boob Pic

Okay for anyone who wants to see the Janet Jackson boob pic click here.
This was just a wardobe malfunction, it happens all the time. The entire issue is getting to be insane, now MTV is blaming Miss J for the whole deal, when she said ahead of time that she was planning on a "shocking" move during the half time show. Hey, didn't Justin and Janet date for awhile? Maybe this was his revenge? Seriously, you see more boobage on regular and cable TV on any given day. And I think the reason why most people watch cheerleaders is to see if they'll fall out of their costumes. I mean the tops of them are teeny weeny. Some I swear can only be found under an electron microscope.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The good news is that I've finally got the comment feature to work. The question is, will I get any? Only time will tell.

I've gotten a few emails concerning the Toby Lightman show at Fez and have decided to share my experience, such as it was. I live in the Upper West Side, Fez is located pretty close to SOHO/East Village border, so I have to switch trains and go east. I hop on the train, open my book and read. La la la la...Train is moving, I'm reading, life is good. Without warning the train stops. Of course it has to stop in the middle of a tunnel, so it's really dark (cue scary music), eventually we lurch towards a stop. A grabled announcement wavers through the air. There's a sick passenger and help is on the way.

We wait.

We wait.

We wait.

Yup, we're still waiting.

The following year the train starts to move. I get to 34th street where I'm going to switch from the B train to the N/R and I look at my watch. I've got a half hour before the show ends. If the connecting train shows up quickly (ha!) and I get off at W8th street, then run like a fiend, I may make the last 15 minutes of the show if I'm lucky. I turnaround and go home.

This is why I'm not writing about adventures lately. Strange things keep happening. An art show was cancelled due to snow. I literally fell asleep while changing to go to another showcase, my guestlist notification was eaten up by the Internet monster....Sigh.

Some music news...

Skye Sweetum will be opening for Britney Spears in her upcoming spring/summer tour. Skye's 15 and her debut release Noise from the Basement (Capitol) will hit the stores May 18th. Her song, "Billy S.," was on the How to Deal soundtrack, and she recorded the theme for the N network show Radio Free Roscoe

Mos Def will be playing Ford Prefect in the upcoming movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. Bit of trivia--Ford Prefect was a British Car.

David Bowie has more tour dates and the Polyphonic Spree will be opening for him at selected shows. More info on dates and opening acts go to David Bowie's website

PROTO-KAW, featuring ex Kansas member Kerry Livgren will have a release out April 6th. Before Came After is on Insideout Music America.

CROSSFADEƃ‚‘s self-titled debut album is set for release April 13 on Columbia/Earshot Records

Locally Argentine will be performing at Pete's Candy Store Williamsburg Feb 5th. 10 pm No cover's_map.html

And as for me, doing the do...Cleaning, eating, writing and desperately trying to stay away from shopping. I must remember that it's a sport not a way of life.