Thursday, July 03, 2008


Another weekend of debauchery has passed and I am still having trouble with heels.

you'd think with all the time I spend wearing them I'd get the hang of teetering, but no. Sadly no.

Friday night a bunch of us met up at the White Rabbit in the LES
to celebrate the end of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Date Auction. Oooh boy! Get a bunch of gorgeous, smart, sexy urbane New Yorkers together and we all became hard drinking, hard flirting, screaming fools.

Ever get into a drunken debate over the future of the Art World? Don't recomend it. Try saying dystopic after three vodka gimlets and get back to me on that. Got twirled around, dragged someone by their Tee, pretended to read the menu without my glasses, sat on the bar....well, you get the gist.

Saturday morning was painful.

Was supposed to go with Nadja out to the Hamptons for a Black Tie Gala, and her car decided to not cooperate. Ended up going bar hopping with someone I met at Friday night's party. Laughed my ass off repeatedly, got my heel caught in my dress, could not find my drink in one the bars we went to - in my defense it was really, really dark - and ate big fat steak fries at 3 am..

Sunday morning wasn't pleasant either.

Have created my own drink; Vodka gimlet made with lemon flavored vodka, fresh squeezed lime juice, then shaken. Lovely.

Tuesday night was Yelp Gay Night, so a bunch of people met up at Beige. We terrorized the waitress and at one point I loudly sang the good-bye song from The Sound of Music. You know, "so long, farewell..." I should not sing.

More insanity this weekend.