Friday, July 25, 2008

The Sookie Stackhouse Experience

HBO has been gearing up for their new series premiering in September; Trueblood with a lot of crazy guerrilla marketing tactics. Trueblood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.
The series take place in the south, and Sookie is a poor white waitress working in a roadhouse who happens to be involved with vampires, werewolves and the like. The series stars Anna Paquin as Sookie.

HBO has been putting up posters all over town, then taking them down a few days later. The topics of the posters have run the gamut from promoting Trueblood, the beverage; motto "friends don't let friends drink friends. Vampires drink responsibly." To posters for the Vampire League of America etc., - all of these items are obvs part of the series.

Yesterday, HBO made their interns stand outside their HQ on 42nd Street and 6th avenue and give out promotional items. They carried petitions that were either pro- or anti-vampire amendments, wore tees that either proclaimed them as members of the American Vampire League or their opposition Fellowship of the Sun.

I'm walking by and have to stop. I've read the series, have friends who read the series and of course must get free crap to give out to friends and keep. Some of the interns don't know what it's all about. They were told to stand outside, get signatures for petitions and give away said crap. So, me being me, (read overally helpful) explain the novels to them. They start telling me stories about crazy people who have berated them for being pro vampire!

I decide to take a photo of the petitioners to send to friends (see above photo). They were very funny and cool about it. Right after I take the photo, two people, a young man and a woman run over and start screaming, "What amendment? Oh god, they're real!"
Me, being stupid again, start to go into the spiel about the novels and marketing of the TV series Below is the exchange.

"No," I say,"this is an HBO series based on the books of Charlaine Harris...blah blah blah"
The guy says, "Oh they're real! It's real."
The woman looks at me and says"Well you know, it's all based on fact."
I look at her, "I said NOVEL which means fiction."
"I heard you."
Guy"Well it's all based on blood rituals"
"You know, you're both incredibly stupid."
"You just called us stupid."
"I take it back, you're both morons"
I actually clutched my head and left!!!

Of course later, I realized I should have said that my ancestors were from the Carpathian Mountains (true) and to guess my age.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Seen on the B train in the afternoon.

Tacky purple sequined 80's after five dress worn with cheap lavender mules to shop in.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I haven't accomplished one thing today. Oh, I have my to do list and it's long. But I've been lolling about on the couch watching Mumford, 10 Things I Hate About You and soaked in the tub for an hour and read a book. Now I feel like napping! All that hard work.

I really do need to get it in gear....

Yesterday April and I went over to the 125th Street Shopping area to get pedicures. Lovely, relaxing, a bit of gossip and then the rain came. And it poured, poured, poured down all around. What's normally a 15- 20 minute walk home became a three hour ordeal as we leaped from huddling under one awning then to another as they started to seriously leak.

At one point the rain stopped and we were able to get around a corner. It started again almost immediately, so we huddled in the doorway of a shoe store. Well that figures!

Eventually it all died down to a drizzle and we slid home, we both were wearing flip flops. I had to peel my jeans off my legs; they were that soaked.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Another weekend of debauchery has passed and I am still having trouble with heels.

you'd think with all the time I spend wearing them I'd get the hang of teetering, but no. Sadly no.

Friday night a bunch of us met up at the White Rabbit in the LES
to celebrate the end of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Date Auction. Oooh boy! Get a bunch of gorgeous, smart, sexy urbane New Yorkers together and we all became hard drinking, hard flirting, screaming fools.

Ever get into a drunken debate over the future of the Art World? Don't recomend it. Try saying dystopic after three vodka gimlets and get back to me on that. Got twirled around, dragged someone by their Tee, pretended to read the menu without my glasses, sat on the bar....well, you get the gist.

Saturday morning was painful.

Was supposed to go with Nadja out to the Hamptons for a Black Tie Gala, and her car decided to not cooperate. Ended up going bar hopping with someone I met at Friday night's party. Laughed my ass off repeatedly, got my heel caught in my dress, could not find my drink in one the bars we went to - in my defense it was really, really dark - and ate big fat steak fries at 3 am..

Sunday morning wasn't pleasant either.

Have created my own drink; Vodka gimlet made with lemon flavored vodka, fresh squeezed lime juice, then shaken. Lovely.

Tuesday night was Yelp Gay Night, so a bunch of people met up at Beige. We terrorized the waitress and at one point I loudly sang the good-bye song from The Sound of Music. You know, "so long, farewell..." I should not sing.

More insanity this weekend.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's almost July

my, my, my time flies by when you're wobbling around on heels!

Was it Blake who said the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Anyway, I really did mean to write about the insanity that occurred after the Verino event, but things, as always kept happening.

So tonight when I'm in the midst of doing a thousand other things, I reckon I'd stop here and at least write something to prove that I am still alive and kicking.

To recap

  • Went with a slew of people to Stone Rose for drinks after the afore mentioned event. One guy, who shall remain nameless simply because I don't remember his name, promptly threw up on a banquette immediately upon entering the bar. Thankfully, I was far away and didn't see the waterfall.
  • Went to the cocktail party for the Life Ball at the W Hotel. They had herring as an appetizer. I have nothing against herring, I just prefer it in cream sauce.
  • Went to another event with the inimitable Nadja at another W Hotel, this time Union Square, had lots of lovely wine and met really nice people. Had a lot of laughs and ate some wretched Indian food after.
The spot used to be one of my fav places to go, and the service has become glacially slow.

Also met someone who was rather interesting, but also really drunk...
why do I attract drunk men? It must have something to do with the glass of champagne in my hand, no? So, drunk guy calls me three weeks later after the event, and I have no recollection of him at all. Then again, he said it was a different event than the one that I attended, diff hotel name etc., and truth to tell, in New York City, three weeks is a year anywhere else.

  • Went to Lauren's housewarming party, she has roof access and at one point all the smokers were crowded under a tiny umbrella while lightening flashed over our heads. Most of the time all of us were tucked into her spacious living room eating and drinking a few too many brown beers. At one point we discussed the myriad ways you could eat peeps. Highly informative if a tad disgusting.
  • A little late in the game, I added myself to the Yelp Leukemia & Lymphoma date auction.
Sadly I was bought for wholesale prices. Next year, I'll be one of the people at the starting gate.

  • Realized belatedly and rather sadly, that music, which was such a compelling force in my life for so many years - I was a DJ and then a rock writer for gawd's sake, has become just one of those ancillary objects in my life. I've always been emotionally tied to music; it affects you physically, emotionally and psychologically. And yet at this juncture, I don't know who's hot, who's not etc., but I can tell you that you can get a super good copy of hot pink Jimmy Choo pink patent leather peep toes at Payless for $17.99. I guess when the focus of your writing (which is my life) changes, so does everything else. Which leads me to
  • What is it about writing, journalism, whatever you want to call the field or what it is that I do, so tied directly to my soul? Setting words down in an coherent order, painting a mental picture for someone, telling a tale, passing information on to other people, people I don't even know, is part of my soul. I can no longer think of not writing than I could no longer think of breathing. It just is part of who I am.
I don't think my job, my vocation defines me, but if I could no longer write articles, it would be as if I'd see the world in greyscale.

  • And once again, I guest lectured for Rosemary Ponzo's stylist to be class at FIT. This time around I didn't scare the students- no, it wasn't intentional- this time I walked with them through the Met Museum and talked about the superhero comic book/movie exhibit. I talked about the history of the comics, why certain colors are used for heroes and villians, how you can use color for psychological cuing when styling a film or TV show etc., and found out later that the students didn't get it. Huh? Oh well, I'll go back to terrorizing them next semester.

Friday, March 07, 2008

something to share

While I am still recovering from the Roberto Verrino event the other night, I thought I would share this little video with you about the upcoming Sex And The City movie; check out the tables of shoes.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Steinnun Fall 08

Really excellent tailoring and detail work. The basket weave effect by the hem is wonderful. Great empire waist and the color just pops at you.

This is definitely going to brighten up a winter's day.

Designed by Steinunn and presented in Milan.